A Simple Running Log

July 6, 2016

Training for 7/6/16

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Well, summer is in full force! Whatever was making it cool and drizzly over most of the holiday weekend moved out, and it’s hot, humid and sunny here now.

I’m still a major procrastinator, which means I’ve had a couple of VERY hot, sweaty runs the past two days.

Yesterday, I waited as late in the afternoon as possible to go out before I had to get ready to cover an evening assignment. It was just before 5 when I left. I committed the cardinal sin of running on a hot day — I looked at the weather before I left the house, so I knew exactly how hot it was: 90 degrees, feels like 97.

I’d barely taken two steps out of the driveway into the road when a passing car beeped at me, as if to say “Hey, moron! It’s too hot out here to be running!”

I just did my 3-mile out-and-back. It was OK. I was not fast, obviously, but I managed to run the whole way at least.

A DirecTV technician is coming this afternoon to swap out our receiver so we can finally get NBC here (now that NASCAR changed its TV contracts, we need it.) Once again, I waited until as late in the morning as possible to go run, just after 11, so I could be back before the technician’s arrival window.

I did not check the weather beforehand this time, but it felt just as hot and sticky outside. I was planning to run almost twice as far, the 5.5-mile loop, so I took my water bottle with me.

I walked a little and drank some water at about each mile marker, but other than that, I made myself run the whole way. Not much to say about the run, other than it was pretty freaking hot.

I was only aware of my time because I had to be back at a certain time. It took me about 48 minutes to run 5.5 miles, an 8:43/mile pace. Not bad with the walk breaks and the heat.

I did look at the weather when I got back: 88 degrees, feels like 97 again. Delightful!


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