A Simple Running Log

June 23, 2016

Training for 6/23/16

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Yesterday, Clark and I took his truck and the Jeep to the DMV, where they both passed inspection and got updated registrations, went to the beach house, got a surfboard, drove to Indian River, where the surf was supposed to be good and found… nothing haha. It was practically a lake out there. Lame.

We went back to Fenwick. We got take-out from Papa Grande’s for the first time this year. I can’t remember if the quesadillas were always on the menu, because I’ve always just gotten tacos there, but I had the pork carnitas quesadilla last night and it was ridiculously good. So the drive to the beach wasn’t a total waste of time. Plus, we returned the Jeep to its rightful parking spot in the beach house driveway.

Today, storms were in the forecast all day again, and it was raining its ass off this morning, but then it (mostly) cleared up this afternoon. It wasn’t too hot, only about 80, and it was cloudy, so I took Pepper for a quick lap around the 4.5-mile loop. It was very humid, however. Not the best run I’ve ever had, but pretty typical for summer around here.

Also today, I found a website, http://www.mypetmoji.com, that lets you make a “petmoji” of your own cat or dog, so I made Pepper:


This is the exact face he makes every time I stand up to get a drink of water or go to the bathroom and he thinks I’m abandoning him forever haha.

I was pleased with how spot-on this turned out, other than the tail. There was no nub option.


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