A Simple Running Log

June 17, 2016

Training for 6/17/16

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Today, I went out for a run, sans Pepper because it was pretty warm and sunny by the time I got my butt out the door (surprise.) But it was such a nice day, I passed up the turn I should have made to run the 5.5-mile loop I’d originally intended, and went down past the ferry to stretch it out to the 7.3-mile loop.

I was regretting that a little by about the 5-mile point haha. I wished I’d brought water with me. I finished off the loop and downed several glasses of water and one of chocolate milk as soon as I got home. I also did some ab exercises and push-ups. I really slacked on the strength training this week.

Anyway, this weekend should be fun. Tomorrow, I’m taking part in my first standup paddleboard race, a 3-mile recreational race in Snow Hill.

It’s called Return to Goat Island, because the course goes around an island in the Pocomoke River on which some goats live. If I was feeling super ambitious, I could try to win the 17-mile (!!) race Sunday morning, in which case I would get to name one of the resident goats. Maybe next year!

Even if I felt like I could paddle 17 miles on a paddleboard, I wouldn’t be able to compete for goat-naming rights, because Sunday morning is the Father’s Day 5K in Rehoboth, my second of the summer series. I’m not feeling so speedy right now. I’ve been sleepy all day and my run today felt like a bit of a slog. I think that 32-mile bike ride a couple days ago kicked my ass more than I realized.

At some point Sunday, I will go see my dad. NASCAR is off this weekend, so there’s no race to watch.


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