A Simple Running Log

June 14, 2016

Training for 6/14/16

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Yesterday, after I got done everything I needed to finish for this week’s paper, Clark and I went to the Dogfish Head brewery in Milton, where we had a couple beers and some lunch, then the brewpub in Rehoboth, where we had another beer, and then to the beach house in Fenwick, where we worked on the growlers we’d gotten filled and got dinner from Ropewalk. We wound up staying at the beach house last night. Pretty nice day!

Today, I waited until the middle of the afternoon, again, to go run. Fortunately it’s not as hot as it was over the weekend, but it’s still 80 degrees and sunny. Clark has already started trying to convince me I need to try Eagleman next year. Thanks to my terrible habit of procrastinating, I’ve already got the heat training down for the run.

Anyway, I did an easy untimed lap around the 5.5-mile loop. Actually, I had to run a little bit farther, because when I was about two miles from home, my butt let me know I shouldn’t have eaten Clark’s leftover seafood mac and cheese for lunch, and I had to run down a different road at an intersection to find a spot to run into the woods haha. So it was probably more like 5.8 miles today.

Also, we brought home my paddleboard from the beach house, because I signed up for my first paddleboard race this Saturday morning in Snow Hill. I’m pretty excited! I signed up for the 3-mile recreational race, not the 6-mile “elite” race, since I’ve never done one of these things before.

Oh yeah, we also decided we waited too long to book flights and reserve a hotel for Sonoma, so we’re not doing that track this year. I think we’ve narrowed down our alternate choice to either Kansas in October or Texas in November.

And finally, Clark unpacked all his stuff from the tri yesterday. I was wondering what he did with his finisher’s medal; the ones from all the races he’s done are just packed away in a shoebox with mine. Well, I found it:

bike with medal and hat

He hung it from his bike’s handlebars, and set the finisher’s hat on the aero bars. For some reason, that just warmed my heart haha.


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