A Simple Running Log

June 10, 2016

Training for 6/10/16

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Yesterday, Clark was later getting home than expected, so I took Pepper with me for my run. We just did the 4.5-mile loop. Once again, I had to run in the woods a bit more than two miles in, and then I had to go again by the time we made it home.

Today was another really nice day, so I took Pepper to Trap Pond State Park. We did the usual boundary trail, plus an out-and-back on another trail, a total of about 6 miles. However, my digestive system had an absolute meltdown — I had to go running off-trail into the woods three freaking times!

I really do not know why my gut has been so upset every time I’ve run a couple of miles this week. I really hope it keeps its shit together (literally) in the 5K I’m racing tomorrow morning!

Anyway, so, the 5K. It’s another boring out-and-back on residential streets, this time through Lewes, a course I think I’ve run three times in the past. I’d like to improve on the 22:47 I ran in Delmar last weekend. The weather will definitely be better. It should be about 70 degrees at race time tomorrow, instead of the mid-80s. That will help.

TK and I might hit the beach in Lewes for a little bit afterwards if we have time, but we both need to come home early. She’s got a housewarming party to attend, and I’m going with Clark to Cambridge for his Eagleman packet pick-up, athlete briefing and bike check-in.

And Sunday is the big day! Unfortunately, the weather forecast sort of took a bad turn over the last few days. It was looking like it was going to be relatively comfortable, in the low 80s. Now it’s supposed to be in the 90s, and windy. Oh well.

I should have time to see Clark finish his swim and take off on his bike before I need to be at the finish line, where I’m helping out until 2 p.m. Clark thinks he’ll finish after I’m done with my volunteering shift, but I’ll hang around to see that. And then it’s party time!


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