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June 6, 2016

Training for 6/6/16

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Saturday, I ran the 3rd Wave Brewing Co. 5K in Delmar. However, it didn’t start until 5 p.m., so I had some time to kill before the race.

I went with Clark that morning to the bike shop in Delmar to get his bike looked over before Eagleman, now only six days away. The guy at the shop said it was good to go.

From there, we drove to Cambridge to meet Bart, Clark’s coworker, for a training swim in the Choptank. When we got to Great Marsh Park, where the transition area and finish line will be set up next Sunday, there were several other people, probably also Eagleman participants, just finishing up a training run or bike ride.

Clark and Bart took off on their swim, with Bart’s wife, Marybeth, accompanying on her paddleboard. I stayed on shore with Pepper. Not long after those three left, the Cambridge fire department showed up to… well, I’m not sure what they were doing, but it involved setting off a LOT of flares. Flares that floated on top of the water and put off thick clouds of colored smoke, flares that flew up in the air, flares that sounded like gunshots when they went off. Pepper was losing his mind! Poor dog.

After the successful training swim was completed, we headed back home. At that point, I had about an hour until we had to leave for the race. I guzzled water and kept checking the weather – feels like 87 degrees, and the cloudy conditions we were supposed to have weren’t materializing. It was still sunny. Blech.

Naturally, we were a little late leaving home. By the time we got to the race site at the brewery and I’d picked up my race bib, I only had enough time to either pee (again) or warm up before the race. I went with peeing.

They called us over to the start line just as I was emerging from the port-o-potty. I wasn’t too excited about running. It was hot and I hadn’t warmed up at all – going from zero to race pace always sucks. But this was already set up outside the brewery, and was waiting for us to come back:

2016 3rd wave 5k beer


I could gut out 3.1 miles for that.

2016 3rd wave 5k start line

Crowd waiting to start.

We got the start commands and took off. I tried to ease into it. Three women immediately ran away from me, and a fourth one passed me before we’d made the first turn, less than two tenths of mile into the race.

The race course was pretty boring, an out-and-back along some streets through Delmar. Not much in the way of scenery. But, the course did cross the state line in the middle of town between Delaware and Maryland (hence the name of the town), so we ran in two states.

Anyway, I ran the first mile in 7:21. I was sweating my face off, but I felt like I could probably hang on to that for a couple more miles.

The second mile included a couple turns and the turnaround. At that point, I could see the first and second women were definitely out of my reach, but third and fourth were coming back to me. I got both of them not long after we made the U-turn. I was more than halfway done with this thing and third woman. Feeling good!

We got back on the long straight road that led back to the brewery. I passed the second mile marker in 7:22. Hey, look at me, maintaining a pace in a 5K instead of absolutely dying after the first mile for once!

Someone with the race director was taking pictures here. I managed a smile:

2016 3rd wave 5k mile 2

We ran by a little girl doing cartwheels in the road, crossed the state line back into Delaware, made one last turn, passed the third mile marker – which I ran in 7:22 — and there was the finish line.

I crossed the line in 22:47, a 7:21/mile average. I have never in my life ran such even splits in a 5K.

I’m still two minutes off my PR, but that’s a faster time than I ran in any of the summer series 5Ks last year, which is encouraging. I’m hoping I can continue to improve on that time throughout the series.

Clark and Pepper met me at the finish. I did a slow mile to cool down, and then we went to the post-race party.

Runners got two free beers. We were also entitled to a free hot dog, but I wasn’t in the mood for that. I just wanted my beer.

Then they handed out the awards. I was first of 22 in the F 30-39 age group. (Technically, I was second of 23, but the first woman in our age group was the overall winner.) All winners got a mini growler – a “growlette.” I got mine filled with Sandstorm. Definitely my favorite age group award ever!

2016 3rd wave 5k 30-39 age group winners

Winners in the men’s and women’s 30-39 age group.

I was also third of 90 female runners, and 17th of 157 total runners.

2016 3rd wave 5k all winners

All of the winners with their growlettes (except the kids, who got Frisbees.)

Clark, Pepper and I hung out at the post-race party for a while, and then we went to Specific Gravity for a pizza. We stopped at Cheers for some more beers and headed home, where we stayed up too late drinking and listening to music.

Sunday, I’d thought about doing a longer run, but instead I took up Clark’s offer to ride the bikes with him. I haven’t ridden with him since that first evening after I borrowed Kara’s bike, because every time he went, I had a race either the next day or later the same day.

We rode a 13.3-mile loop. It was pretty breezy yesterday. When it was at our backs, we were flying, especially Clark. On a 3-mile stretch on the way home, every time I looked down at the little computer on Kara’s bike, it was reporting at least 20 mph, sometimes up to 22 mph, and Clark was still walking away from me. Anyway, it took me 47 minutes to finish the loop. Clark got home a couple minutes quicker.

He went out to run the 6.5-mile loop, but I stayed home with Pepper. The severe thunderstorms they’d predicted never came, so I went for my own shorter run around 5:30 p.m. The weather was about the same as it had been for the race the day before — upper 80s, sunny and humid — but it felt so much hotter for some reason. It was a slow slog around the 4.5-mile loop.

Today, I’m going to do some strength training and go for another short run. While we never got any storms here yesterday, it did rain all day in Pocono, and the NASCAR race got postponed to this afternoon, so I’ve got that on the schedule too.


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