A Simple Running Log

June 3, 2016

Training for 6/3/16

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Today, I did strength training upstairs first — ab exercises, push-ups, invisible chair-sitting and weights — and then I took Pepper out for another easy lap around the 4.5-mile loop. I think I’ve done that loop every day this week.

About three miles into the run, we ran up on a pick-up truck, parked on the road, with the driver’s door open. As we ran past the open door, I looked in, expecting to see someone to wave to, but the truck was empty. Just then I heard some sticks snapping in the woods. I’m pretty sure the driver was in the woods. Must’ve had to take a dump haha. Been there!

I’d thought about going in town and doing some intervals, but, No. 1, that meant Pepper would’ve stayed home alone (and he pooped while we were running, so that would’ve been on the floor when I got back) and, No. 2, I’m running a 5K tomorrow evening, so I don’t really need to be doing speed work today.

So, the race tomorrow. It’s in the late afternoon, which is an odd time. I’ve only done one other race that started late. At least the weather shouldn’t be too terrible. Right now it’s saying it’ll be 80 degrees and cloudy, and the humidity will be all the way down to 65 percent. That’s pretty good for around here.

I’m not expecting to be fast. I haven’t taken a day off running in almost two weeks, I ran a decent 5-miler less than a week ago and I’ve done strength training twice since then, including today. Also, the course is a boring out-and-back through residential streets. The worst.

The main reason I’m running it is because it starts and ends at 3rd Wave, one of my favorite local breweries, which means post-race beer!

Unfortunately, dogs are barred for insurance reasons, so Pepper can’t go. Since he can’t run, Clark said he’s going to sit it out too.

Other than the race, I’d like to run a longish run Sunday, maybe 9 miles or so.

Eagleman will be only a week away Sunday! I think Clark is all set. In the past few days, he’s had delivered to the house a race belt (to clip the bib to, since he’ll only wear it during the run, and safety-pinning it on in transition will be a pain in the ass), two new pairs of socks, new running shoes, sunglasses, a hat and — very important — a trisuit, the one-piece, butt-padded piece of clothing he’ll wear for all three legs.

It looks like the water will, by next Sunday, be too warm to allow wetsuits. I’ve learned from the Eagleman participants’ Facebook group that water temperature is triathletes’ biggest concern, even a little more than the weather. Apparently everyone was hoping the water would stay cold enough to be wetsuit legal, because wetsuits are buoyant and everyone swims faster in them. Now that it looks like it’ll be too warm, there’s as much wailing and gnashing of teeth on that Facebook page as there is amongst runners when the forecast for a marathon calls for a high above 55 degrees.

Anyway, other than running, I don’t have any big plans for the weekend. The NASCAR race is in Pocono. Clark had to go to that area yesterday for work and stay overnight. He said there were a lot of NASCAR team members in his hotel.


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