A Simple Running Log

May 17, 2016

Training for 5/17/16

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Yesterday, I took Pepper out for a lap around the 4.5-mile loop. I waited until just about the last possible minute before the sun went down, mostly because it’d been just as windy all day as the day before. By the time we left, the wind had died to barely a breeze, the skies were clear and blue as the sun was getting close to setting, and the temperature was cool but not at all chilly. Basically, a perfect evening for a run. It was pretty enjoyable.

I never did the strength training though. I think I’ll take Pep out for another short run this afternoon and then do that.

Today, bib numbers were released for St. Michaels! I’m 1005.

Also yesterday, I found, through some comment section on the internet, one of my favorite things I’ve ever seen.

Back in the day, 1978 to be exact, someone made this horrible movie called “Buffalo Rider,” about a guy who, well, rode a buffalo. So a Texas-based band, Jomo & The Possum Posse, made up a little ditty about the guy and his buffalo, and set the song to clips from the movie.

It’s called Guy on a Buffalo, and here are all four parts. May you cry as hard with laughter as I have been for the last 24 hours.

This is truly some of the internet’s best work!


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