A Simple Running Log

May 10, 2016

Training for 5/10/16

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Yesterday, I spent much of the afternoon picking up special food and meds for Pepper. I was back home, trying to convince myself to go out and do the run on the schedule, when Clark texted asking if I’d like to go for a bike ride with him when he got home from work. Sold.

So I never ran yesterday, but I did ride what wound up being a little more than 14 miles, trying (and failing) to keep up with Clark’s road bike on my hybrid bike. I mean, I was really cranking on mine, while he was gliding along up ahead. Every now and then he’d slow down to let me catch back up. A mile from home, he told me to “push it home for the last mile.” Before I could get out “I HAVE been ‘pushing it’ this whole time!” he was already half a mile up the road haha. Turns out the hundreds of dollars of difference in cost between our bikes actually meant something.

Today, I finally ran the lap around the 4.5-mile loop I didn’t do yesterday. I took Pepper. It was a pretty uneventful run. Although I did enjoy it when he saw what looked like a dog collar on the side of the road, acted a little freaked out by it, and then got really freaked out when I picked it up and tossed it at him while yelling “BLEH!” haha. His little hind paws couldn’t dig into the road to launch him away from that evil dog collar fast enough. Poor Pep.

Now I’m heading upstairs to do the strength training I’ve also been putting off since yesterday.


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