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May 9, 2016

Training for 5/9/16

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Saturday morning was the Great Chesapeake Bay Wellness Race 10K for me and the 56-mile course at the Six Pillars Century for Clark, both in Cambridge. His race had a “show and go” start between 7 and 9 a.m., but he and his coworker wanted to get started as early as possible, so Clark and I were up a little after 5 and on the road by 6.

It rained the whole way to Cambridge. I wouldn’t have cared at all, but I hadn’t brought my hat, thinking it was going to be overcast but dry for my run.

By the time we got to Clark’s coworker’s house, the rain had pretty much stopped. Lucky for me, when his coworker had picked up their race bibs the day before, the giveaway for the bike ride was a technical hat, so I had one if I needed it after all (though I wound up not needing it.)

Clark and his coworker got suited up and left for their ride, and Pepper and I headed over to the Hyatt for the run.

My race didn’t start until 8 a.m., so I arrived in plenty of time. As soon as I left Pepper alone in the truck just to get my race packet – which was within his sight the whole time – he started howling. Great.

Pepper got more and more anxious as he watched me take off my sweats and pin on my bib. TK got there around 7:30, so after I said hi to her, I took Pepper out for a short warm up run.

He was going insane, zigzagging all over the place as I tried to keep him on a sidewalk. He dragged me straight through a giant puddle. My shoes and socks were completely soaked through before I even started the race. Thanks, Pep!

We did a mile in a little over 8:30, which included multiple sniff-and-pee stops for Pepper. He seemed a little calmer when he got back in the truck at least.

Soon the race directors called the 10K runners over to the start line. It was a pretty small crowd; only 56 people did the 10K. There were two untimed walk/run options, a 5K and a 3K.

They warned us there would be some water on the race course. Whatever, my shoes couldn’t get any wetter.

They played the national anthem, blew a horn and we were off.

We ran down a road for a short bit, like a 10th of a mile at the most, and then got on the cart path that wove through the golf course. The cart path ran along the backside of a building near the parking lot I’d parked in, and I could hear Pepper howling and barking from there.

I was the lead woman at that point, behind probably nine or 10 guys. I went out way too fast and hit the first mile marker in 7:15.

Cambridge is, like the rest of Delmarva, pretty flat, but whoever designed the golf course had included plenty of little rolling hills. My legs were already getting that lead feeling after the first mile. I could feel the next 5.2 miles were going to get ugly.

I tried to settle in to a more sustainable pace for the next mile, and hit the second marker in 7:32. That was close to the 7:30 average I’d thought I could run. I was not at all confident I could keep up that pace for the rest of the race however.

Somewhere in the next mile, another woman passed me. I had nothing for her. I told her “good job” as she passed and let her go.

The third mile was 7:44, and I was pretty upset I wasn’t even halfway through this race! 10Ks are the worst. They hurt just as bad as a 5K but last twice as long. No wonder I hadn’t signed up for one in more than a year and a half.

The course continued along the cart path. The little rolling hills just kept coming. They weren’t kidding about the water on the course either. There were huge, completely unavoidable puddles across the entire path in several of the lower places. Some people were trying to go around them, but the grass along the path was just as saturated, so I just splashed straight through the sometimes ankle-deep water.

The second half of the race was awful. I felt like shit, and I just kept getting slower. I even had to take a few quick walk breaks to get my breathing back under control.

Mile 4 fell off to 8:17, and mile 5 to 8:20. At this point, the course left the cart path and led us down a crushed shell path right along the Choptank River. It was really pretty, but I didn’t care about any of that at the moment. I just wanted to be done running.

Much of the last mile of the race was an out-and-back along a low pier in the marina. There were a couple volunteers in kayaks, I guess to collect any runners who slipped off haha.

I made the U-turn at the end of the pier and headed back toward the finish line. It was almost over, thank God.

The third woman was just arriving on the pier as I was coming back, so I knew I at least had a lock on second overall woman. The finish line wasn’t too far from the pier – just up one last hill leading from the marina. Eff!

I tried to push it up that last hill, but I didn’t have much left. I coasted across the finish line in 47:04.

Usually my Garmin measures longer than the race distance, since I never run the tangents well, but somehow it had measured nearly two-tenths of a mile short. It was just clicking over to the sixth mile – 7:59 — when I finished. So the Garmin was saying I’d run a 7:51/mile average for 6.01 miles, but by the official 6.2-mile race distance, I’d run a 7:34/mile pace.

gcbwr10K finishers certificate

Finisher’s certificate provided by the timing company.

Anyway, I went back to the truck to get Pepper. In his rage, he’d completely destroyed the large envelope that had held my race packet. Shreds of paper were littered throughout the truck. He’d also gnawed on my sweats, but they were just a little slobbery, not torn up. All in all, not too bad.

TK finished the 5K, which had started later, not long after I finished. We were walking over to her car when Pepper took a dump in the parking lot. I’d brought a plastic bag in case he pooped, but it wasn’t doing much to clean it up; it was mostly just smearing it around. He looked like he was trying to get back into his squat, so I dragged him over to a bush, where he took a second dump. I cleaned that one up as best as I could, and found a trash can far from anyone else to throw away the bag.

We were walking over to the hotel, where the post-race breakfast was held, when Pepper took a THIRD dump on the lawn. Seriously! I didn’t have another bag with me, so I waited there while TK went and got a big stack of paper towels from a bathroom so I could clean it up. Pepper really wasn’t doing much to make the Hyatt want to allow dogs in that race haha.

TK and I took turns going in the hotel to get some breakfast while the other one waited outside with Pepper. While I was outside, I saw the guy who, along with me, had been voted Most Artistic in our graduating high school class. (TK and Clark were voted Most Likely to Succeed, so I saw quite a bit of the senior superlatives from the CRHS Class of 2001 that day.)

The awards ceremony was also held inside the hotel. TK and I moved our vehicles over to the closest parking lot, left Pepper in the truck and went back in.

They gave awards to the top two overall male and female runners, as well as the top runner in a few very large age groups. For being the second woman to finish, I got a little pewter cup. It’s one of the prettier awards I’ve gotten.


It was after 10:30 by the time everything was wrapped up. Clark had said he and his coworker expected to be done with their bike ride by 11, so we headed back to the coworker’s house to wait for them there.

They got back a little after 11. Clark said they’d ridden 56 miles in 3:51. I asked him if he felt like he could run a half marathon and he said yeah. He’s now run and biked the whole distance he’ll have to do in his triathlon.

We all changed into dry clothes, and then TK, Clark and I went to the High Spot for lunch. Eventually, Clark’s coworker and his wife joined us. I think it was after 4 p.m. when we finally went home.

Saturday night, we stayed in and watched the NASCAR race in Kansas, which Kyle Busch won.

Sunday, I woke up feeling pretty sore. I’d done strength training Friday, before taking Pepper out for a short easy run, and then ran that relatively hilly 10K Saturday morning. I wasn’t looking forward to running anything Sunday.

But then Clark, who’d biked 56 miles the day before, went out and ran 6.7 miles, so when he got back, I didn’t have a choice but to suck it up and go out myself.

I ran the 8.4-mile loop. Not gonna lie, it was slow and clunky the whole way, but it was another 8.4 miles in the books.

We did some yard work, and then headed out for Mother’s Day. First, we went to Easton to have dinner at the Bartlett Pear Inn with Clark’s whole family, and then we stopped by my parents’ house to see my mom.

Pepper had to stay home. I was 100 percent expecting poop in the floor when we got home six hours after we left him. But I was wrong! Pepper just farted a lot haha. No poop!

Oh, and P.S., yesterday was also Bobby Labonte’s 52nd birthday. Happy birthday, Bobby!

Anyway, today, training continues for the St. Michaels Half Marathon with strength training and an easy lap around the 4.5-mile loop.

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