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April 7, 2016

Training for 4/7/16

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This morning, I went in town and ran an interval workout at the track, eight 400-meter repeats.

I hate running on the track. It always feels like I was just there, even though it’s usually been weeks since the last time I made myself go. But interval workouts, for me anyway, seem to go better there than using the Garmin to measure them out on the road.

It was pretty windy, and threatening rain at any minute. There were two walkers when I first got there, but they were on their way out when I was finishing up my first warmup lap. After that, I had the whole place to myself.

The 23 mph wind was coming straight down the front stretch, which made running on that side of the track pretty tough. Of course, it made running on the back stretch feel like nothing.

I was shooting for 1:45 on each 400, about 7:00/mile pace. After a mile to warm up, I ran the first 400 and checked my watch. 1:48. Yeesh! The second one wasn’t much better — 1:47.

I was starting to think they were all just going to be slow, but then I ran the third one at what felt like the same effort, and it was five seconds faster, 1:42. The next four were all between 1:41 and 1:43, and I ran the final one in 1:39. I was pretty happy with those, considering the wind. Guess I just needed to knock off the rust on the first two. It hadn’t been that long since I ran and did strength training yesterday evening.

I did two more easy miles to cool down, for a total of 7 miles. By that time, it was starting to drizzle.

After I left the track, I dropped off all our recycling (which included an impressive amount of empty beer bottles for it having only been three weeks since the last time we cleared out the recycling) and did the grocery shopping.

I came home to, of course, explosive dog crap all over the utility room floor. It’d really started raining by that time, which was lucky for Pepper, because otherwise I’d have left his stupid ass outside until I have to leave again.

Anyway, I got that mess cleaned up, and later this afternoon I’m finally going to get our taxes filed.


April 6, 2016

Training for 4/6/16

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Today, I finally killed my leftover cake. Late this afternoon, I took Pepper out for a run around the 4.5-mile loop. The cake was not a good idea haha. I made it home to use the bathroom, but barely!

It was a good run otherwise though. It was a little windy here today, but it’d warmed up enough I could wear shorts at least.

And now I’m heading upstairs do some strength training for the second time this week, and it’s only Wednesday.

April 5, 2016

Training for 4/5/16

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Calvin in the last panel of this comic strip was me this morning:


Because late yesterday, I ran in shorts and a tank top through a light rain. First thing this morning, I ran in tights, a cold weather top, gloves and an earband in a wind chill way below freezing.

Stupid weather!

Anyway, yesterday, I took Pepper out for a short run. I was going to do the 3-miler on the schedule. But when we were almost to the turnaround, we were joined by three little kids, two of whom were on scooters, who tried to keep up with us. We quickly dropped them, but I didn’t feel like turning around and making Pepper deal with them head-on, especially when two of them were on wheels haha. He’d have had a heart attack!

So we kept going where we would have turned around, and did the 4.5-mile loop instead. It started raining in the last couple of miles, which was actually pretty nice.

When we got home, I went straight upstairs for once and did my strength training, instead of finding other stuff to do until it was “too late” again.

Clark got home after that. He’d gone to opening day at Camden Yards with coworkers, but the game went through a long rain delay, and they wound up leaving before it started again. He wanted to watch the college basketball championship game, which would’ve conflicted with my Monday night “Teen Mom 2” ritual, but lucky for me, he fell fast asleep as soon as he hit the couch haha. Conflict averted.

Naturally, I fell asleep 10 minutes into my show.

Today, I got up to feed Pepper and get in a run first thing, since I had morning and evening meetings to cover. I checked the weather app on my phone — 32 degrees with a 16 mph wind, making it feel like 21.


I hoped it was a mistake, but when I opened the door to let Pepper out after he ate, I found out the app was correct. So I layered up and headed out.

I felt better after cussing out the weather a few times on the walk out to the road. The first mile was head-on into the wind, but that just meant most of the rest of the 4.5-mile loop had the wind at my back or side. It really wasn’t that bad, but it’s freaking April, not January! Come on!

April 4, 2016

Training for 4/4/16

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Friday night, Clark and I took my parents to Fogo de Chao in Baltimore, because we figured my dad in particular would really love the never ending parade of lamb, pork, chicken and beef brought to the table until you say stop.

My dad does not like to leave the farm if he can help it, and he REALLY does not like to leave the Eastern Shore. So I was pretty shocked when he agreed to go to Baltimore for a birthday dinner, and then didn’t try to get out of it at the last minute with an excuse related to his chicken houses.

The fun started as soon as Clark and I pulled up to my parents’ house in the GMC Yukon XL Clark had borrowed from work because my car has an uncomfortable back seat, and Clark’s truck doesn’t have one at all other than the little jump seats that fold down on the sides.

The Yukon spent several months on a job site at a mine in Nevada, and still has all the reflective safety taping down the sides. My dad was enthralled with the reflective tape. He was also very impressed with the 304,000 miles on the odometer, but he reminded us several times the Boomstar is now up to 347,000 and runs great. (But it doesn’t have reflective tape, so…)

We got to Baltimore just fine. Unfortunately, our birthdays were the same week of the first Light City Baltimore celebration, and the Inner Harbor area was packed. Traffic crawled along Pratt Street; it took us half an hour to drive about 10 blocks. Dad just could not get over how many people were out, at 8:30 at night! Madness!

We were 25 minutes late for our reservation, but that turned out to not be an issue. They got us seated. Our waitress took our drink order and told us to hit the “market table” (salad bar) first.

This was my favorite moment of the night. When we all got back to the table, my mom, Clark and I all had a nearly full plate of salad or some of the other sides. Dad had two pieces of lettuce and a tomato slice haha. And I’m pretty sure at least one of the lettuce leafs was still on his plate after dinner. He’s a farmer who doesn’t eat vegetables.

Anyway, the servers started coming around with all the meat. There were several cuts of beef, bacon-wrapped pork chop, parmesan-crusted pork tenderloin, ribs, chicken sausage, leg of lamb and lamb chops. It all got a thumbs up from Dad.

The waitress noticed my birthday card from my parents on the table and asked what we were celebrating. She told me to pick out a dessert, and brought out a slice of chocolate mousse cake on a plate with “Happy Birthday” written around the edges in red gel icing. My dad and I blew out the little candle together, and we all split the cake.

After dinner, we all got to ride back home in the Yukon with the reflective tape. All in all, a pretty awesome birthday.

It was really late when Clark and I got home, so I slept in quite a ways Saturday morning. When we did get up, it was pouring rain, and Clark left to go surfing, so I put off my run. And kept putting it off, until I only had enough time to get in the short 3-miler on the weekend’s schedule before we were supposed to be at Clark’s parents’ house for another birthday dinner.

I put Pepper in his harness and we headed out. He poked along for the first 1.5 miles. Then we made the U-turn and he wanted to sprint home, of course. We were almost to a stop sign, about a mile from home, when Clark pulled up on his way home from surfing. Pepper did not hesitate to jump in the truck and get out of running that last mile home haha. Slacker!

I did run the last mile home, and we got cleaned up and went to Clark’s parents’ house. We had steamed shrimp, crab cakes, roasted asparagus, pinto beans and fruit salad, and the triple chocolate cake made by Steve from Denton. It was so good! It’s also extremely rich; usually, I’d have the leftover cake polished off by today, two days later, but there’s still almost half left. It might take me a while, but I will defeat this cake!

Clark’s grandmother gave me “NASCAR: The Complete History,” a 900-lb. tome that goes through every NASCAR season from 1948 to 2014. I was flipping through it when I landed on 2005, and saw a picture of Jimmie stupid Johnson passing Bobby Labonte on the last lap of the 2005 Coke 600. Thanks for including that moment in history! Several pages later was a nice shot of Johnson’s crumpled car after a wreck that knocked him out of the 2014 Chase, so at least it evened out.

A storm front moved through late Saturday night. We even got some hail while we were still at Clark’s parents’ house. The wind also picked up a LOT. It was absolutely howling by the time we got home.

I didn’t sleep very well Saturday night. So yesterday, instead of trying to get in the 90-minute long run I was supposed to do in the wind, which was still insane, I just… didn’t run at all. Instead I watched the Martinsville race and napped.

Today, depending on how long it takes me to get done what I need to get done for this week’s paper, I will run something.

April 1, 2016

Training for 4/1/16

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Happy birthday to me!

I’ve been busy registering for races. Last night, I wasn’t quite quick enough to sign up for the Philly Marathon at the early bird deal — Clark took me to Dogfish Head and I was, well, pretty drunk at midnight haha. I had trouble signing in to the registration website, and by the time I finally figured it out and got my information entered, 500 other people had beaten me, so I wound up having to pay $20 more. Oh well, I’m in, and I probably had more fun than they did last night, so there.

This morning I looked at my registration details and noticed I’d entered 3:35 as my predicted finish time. Looks like Drunk Abby decided I’m going for a PR!

Today, registration for the Dogfish Dash 8K in September opened at noon. It quickly became a huge mess. I entered Dave’s and my information and hit ‘pay,’ the website thought for a while, and then announced there was a problem processing my registration and I needed to contact support. So I hit ‘pay’ again. Same error message.

There was no support to contact, so I went to Dogfish Head’s Facebook page to see if anyone else was having a problem. I was definitely not alone. There were already several posts from people getting the same error message. I got a text from Clark saying he’d gotten that error message too.

I checked my bank account. My debit card had been charged. I tried to go back to the registration website, but the whole thing had crashed by that time.

I was getting pretty anxious until a confirmation email finally popped up in my inbox. Dave and I are in! So is TK, and so is Clark — twice. His card got charged twice and he got two confirmation emails. Apparently that happened to a lot of people. So that’s going to be fun to sort out.

All of this happened within the first three minutes of registration being open. It’s insane how popular this race is! I will not be surprised if they wind up having to go to a lottery system. For a little 8K in Milton, Del.

Anyway… today, I’ll probably take Pepper for a short run here in a little bit. It was raining its butt off earlier, but I think we’ve got a break from it for a little while. He’s going to have to stay home alone again tonight, since we’re taking my parents to Fogo de Chao in Baltimore to celebrate my dad’s and my birthdays, so I’d like to make sure he takes a dump before we go. He was a good boy last night, and we didn’t come home from Dogfish Head to any poop in the floor.

This weekend, I have a 90-minute long run and 3-mile pace run scheduled. I thought about doing the April Fool’s Challenge in Cape Henlopen State Park again, but it looks like the weather is going to be absolute crap Sunday morning, so scratch that.

Other than running, we’re going to Clark’s parents’ house tomorrow night for dinner, and there’s the Martinsville race to watch Sunday.

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