A Simple Running Log

April 27, 2016

Training for 4/27/16

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Today is a solid 30 degrees cooler than yesterday, and overcast. Since I didn’t take Pepper running yesterday, and I had to leave him home alone earlier to go to an appointment, I skipped the speed workout and took him out for another shorter run.

We did the 4.5-mile loop again. He wasn’t quite as pokey the first two miles as he was Monday, but they were still pretty slow — 10:08 and 9:35. Just before the end of the second mile, a dog in a neighbor’s yard boofed at us, and it seemed to light a fire under Pepper’s ass.

We were getting through the third mile pretty quickly, until we came up on a right turn. For some reason, Pepper wants to cross the road to make the turn waaaay before we’re anywhere near it. I don’t want to cross that soon, in case a car comes up behind us before we get to the turn. I don’t like the cars coming up on our back. Lately, Pepper’s gotten into the habit of slowing to a walk until I let him cross the road. He did that again today.

As soon as I let him cross the road, he sped back up. Mile 3 beeped in 7:47 in spite of the walking.

I really wanted to see how fast we could run a mile straight through, so I just let him go as fast as he wanted for the fourth mile. A couple times, he slowed down like he wanted to investigate a stick on the side of the road, but I kept him moving. He also slowed a bit as we ran past a few houses in a row that had trash cans at the ends of the lane waiting for pick up. That dog hates a trash can, especially if it’s overflowing.

Mile 4 came in at 7:15. Not bad!

We ran the final half-mile in 3:50, and finished the whole loop in 38:35, an 8:34/mile average.

Last night, we went over to Clark’s coworker’s house. They just got a cat. Pepper did the same thing he does when he sees one in our yard; he just stared at it for a long time. Eventually he got up the nerve to lie down near it. I got a couple of pictures of him with this cat that clearly hated his guts.


“Hello, cat!”     “Get out of my house.”

pepper and cat

“We’re friends now!”    “I’m plotting your death.”

That derpy smile on Pepper’s face has been making me laugh since I took this last night haha.


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