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April 25, 2016

Training for 4/25/16

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Last week, Clark signed up for the Eagleman, a half Ironman triathlon. Yes, it’s a “half,” but it’s still a pretty long way to go: 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike ride and a 13.1-mile run. This one is in Cambridge in the middle of June, on a notoriously hot and shade-free course.

Clark has been sorta training for it since we got back from L.A. in February. But with less than two months to go (and after officially plunking down the registration fee), his training has picked up in earnest.

First, we ran together Saturday. I had a 5-miler on my own (suddenly cheesy-sounding in comparison half marathon) training schedule, so an interval run with Clark fit in perfectly.

Pepper had come in the house limping after going out to pee Friday night, and was still acting gimpy Saturday morning, so he had to sit this one out in the utility room.

It wasn’t that hot out Saturday, but it was nearly 100 percent humidity, so it felt a lot warmer. I left the house without a shirt — it’s pretty much no-shirt time for me anyway — and Clark had ditched his by the end of the second mile.

We ran hard for two minutes, recovered for two minutes and then repeated. Then we ran hard for 30 seconds, recovered for 30 seconds and repeated that five more times. Finally, we did four 60-yd. sprints.

I am so bad at sprinting. I was cruising on those longer intervals of hard running, but Clark killed me on the sprints every time.

We ran the rest of the way home easy. We were almost there when one of his coworkers and his wife drove by. Upon seeing shirtless Clark running down the road, his coworker leaned out the window and yelled “Woohoooooo!” haha. They said they were on their way to Pork in the Park, a barbecue festival in Salisbury.

When we got home, we’d run about 4.9 miles. Pepper’s limping had miraculously disappeared while we were out running without him.

We decided to go to Pork in the Park too, but we had a couple errands to run first.

First, we went to Pedal Works Cyclery in Delmar (on the Delaware side of the line, which meant it’s tax-free, which turned out to be very important.) Clark’s boss, who is quite a bit shorter than he is, lent him a road bike a few months ago. It’s definitely too small though, which is going to be a problem in a 56-mile ride.

So Clark bought a new Specialized road bike. The guy there put Clark on a stationary bike hooked up to a computer, and spent a lot of time figuring out exactly how to adjust the new road bike to fit Clark. He also got clip-in shoes and pedals. The new bike should be ready later this week. It’s getting real!

While he was getting fitted for the new bike, I took Pepper to get his nails done. The groomer at PetSmart was so happy when Pepper came in — she said weimaraners are her absolute favorite dogs.

We went back to pick up Clark, and then we went to Pork in the Park. Clark’s coworker and his wife were there, along with their three boys. The one kid said the brisket sandwiches at The Smoke Shack out of Columbus, Ohio, was worth the wait in line. So after I’d had a couple beers, I got in line for a brisket sandwich.

I had to wait for over an hour. I couldn’t figure out what was taking so damn long. I mean, there was a big menu on a dry erase board, propped up right in between the two lines, where you couldn’t miss it while you were waiting. In theory, everyone would know what they wanted by the time they got to the counter.

In theory, yes, but in practice, not even close. By the time I got close enough to the counter to hear other people ordering, I found out several were just ignoring the menu and waiting until they got to the counter to ask an employee, “Ummm….. so, uh, what can you get?”

EYE ROOOOLLLLLLLL. I HATE people like that! Why is reading a menu so beneath you?!

Anyway… I finally made my way to the front, ordered two brisket sandwiches and was on my way in about three minutes flat. I will say, that was a damn good brisket sandwich. And they put so much meat on it, it really didn’t qualify as a sandwich anymore. It was more of a pile of brisket with two flimsy halves of a hamburger bun hanging on for dear life.

We hung out a while longer, enjoying the beer and letting people try to pet Pepper. He was attracting a ton of attention, as usual, and then doing a great job of ignoring everyone, as usual.

We left the barbecue festival and stopped at a couple of our favorite breweries, Rubber Soul in Salisbury and 3rd Wave in Delmar. At Rubber Soul, Pepper was dismayed to find not just the bartender’s dog, Banjo, wanting to play with him, but also a husky and a greyhound. The other three dogs were having a great time together, while Pepper hid under our table and hoped no one noticed him haha. He had a better time at 3rd Wave — he was the only dog in there.

Our last stop was Clark’s coworker’s house to drop him off. (His wife had taken the kids home while I was waiting in line for that brisket forever.) We didn’t stay there too long, and then we came home and went straight to bed.

Sunday, Clark packed up all his triathlon gear and went to Cambridge to do some training with another coworker, the one who got him into signing up for Eagleman in the first place. This guy lives right on the bike and run course, the same one used for both the Eagleman 70.3 in June and the full Ironman in October. He got inspired last October watching all the athletes go by his house.

While Clark was gone, I did nothing. He got back not long after the NASCAR race started. I was good and didn’t drink a single beer during the race. When the race ended, I finally got dressed to go for my own run.

I had a 12-miler on the schedule, but, well… I didn’t feel like it. I settled on the 5.5-mile loop.

Since my next pacing gig is less than a week away, it felt like it was about time to practice the 8:46/mile I’ll need to run for the 1:55 pace group. I wore my Garmin.

Yesterday was a nicer day for a run. The humidity had dropped by more than half compared to the day before. Every time I looked at the Garmin, my current pace was 8:15 or 8:20, and I finished the 5.5-mile loop in 45:45, an 8:19/mile pace. Too fast! I’d rather have to slow myself down than have to push myself to run faster though.

Today, I had to cover a couple of things for the paper. They were both outside events, so I took Pepper instead of leaving him home. He got to see the ribbon cut on a new barn for the agriculture education program at the career and technology center (from my car, where he howled through the whole thing), and then he got to attend Tractor Day at a high school:

pepper at tractor day

I called his vet this afternoon about the urine sample Pepper left last week. There’s still protein in it. The vet said he has to do some more research before he decides what, if anything, we should do about it. This might just be the way Pepper’s kidneys are — we’d never done a urinalysis before he dropped that weight — or it might be something that needs to be treated. Either way, the vet isn’t too worried about it, since Pepper gained all that weight back and isn’t acting sick at all.

Also, now that tax season is over, TK can think about things other than tax returns, so we’ve been discussing our picks for this year’s summer series. It looks like we’ll be doing the Masser 5-Miler on Memorial Day weekend, as usual. Neither of us can do the Jungle Jim’s 5K like we usually do because we’ll both be out of town, and the Women’s Distance Festival 5K (the one with the New Balance gift certificates) has been nixed, unfortunately. But along with four other 5Ks we’ve done before, we’re going to do a new Twilight 5K on July 22, that starts at 7 p.m. and should be done in time to hold the awards ceremony right at sunset. So that should be fun.

We’d also like to do a 10K in Cambridge on May 7, and a 5K at 3rd Wave Brewery on June 4. I think I’m pretty much set for the summer.

Which means I should do the training on today’s schedule, an easy lap around the 4.5-mile loop and strength training.


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