A Simple Running Log

April 21, 2016

Training 4/21/16

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Yesterday, I didn’t feel like running, so I didn’t, and today, I had a pretty crappy run. It’s like after all those awesome runs in Charleston last week, the universe had to knock me back down a notch or something.

I did this week’s interval workout, three mile repeats at goal pace for the St. Michaels half marathon. I’d like to run in the neighborhood of 1:45, about an 8:00/mile pace. Considering how easily I was ticking off several consecutive miles under that pace just a few days ago, I figured three miles with a half-mile recovery between each would be a piece of cake. Not so much!

I left Pepper at home, since we’re trying to put some weight back on him and I was going to run the 7.3-mile loop with all the warm up, recovery and cool down. He was barking in protest as I went down the lane, of course. I was already resigning myself to the fact I’d have to clean up poop when I got back.

I ran a mile to warm up in 8:27, and then ran the first mile repeat in 7:57. It didn’t feel too hard, but it didn’t feel as easy as I’d expected either. I hoped the next two weren’t too bad.

I ran easy for a half-mile, and then started the second mile repeat. I was sucking wind by the halfway point. I really hoped I was running faster than I should have been! (The Garmin was only showing what number repeat I was on, and how much farther I had to run to finish it. No current pace.)

I wasn’t quite to the end of that second mile when the need for a bathroom struck. I wasn’t too far from a trail I knew that went back in the woods, which seemed like a better deal than crashing through briars before I got to the trail opening.

I took care of business there. When I came out of the woods, I still had about a 10th of a mile left on that second repeat. I finished it in 7:41 (obviously I paused the Garmin while I was in the woods.)

My legs were toast. It felt like I was at mile 20 of a marathon, not halfway through a 7-miler with a few mile repeats thrown in. It wasn’t too hot today, in the low 70s, so I don’t know what the deal was. I just felt like I had zero energy.

I walked a lot of the recovery after that mile. When the Garmin beeped the beginning of the third and final mile repeat, I tried to pick it up again. But at that point, I was running head-on into a stiff wind and I was just gassed. I let myself walk a bit of the first half of that last repeat, until I made a turn out of the wind and ran the second half. That last mile repeat was 9:06. Woof.

I had 2.3 miles of cool down to get home. I walked a lot of that too. I haven’t felt that cruddy and out of breath on a run in a long time.

I finally made it home, finishing the 7.3-mile loop in just over an hour and five minutes, a 9:04/mile overall average pace. Not what I was expecting, but at least I did it. I hope I feel better tomorrow.

On the bright side though, Pepper managed to not poop all over the floor, so at least I didn’t have to clean up anything.


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