A Simple Running Log

April 8, 2016

Training for 4/8/16

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Today, Pepper and I did an easy lap around the 4.5-mile loop. It wasn’t notable, except for one weird incident.

I always stay to the left edge on the road, facing traffic, as pedestrians are supposed to do. We were probably only a quarter-mile down the road when this red Dodge Caravan approached us from ahead. Most cars will move over a hair when the drivers see us on the edge of the road, but whoever was driving this van swerved over to the opposite side of the center line, so far the driver’s side wheels almost slipped off the other edge of the road, and then laid on the horn as they drove past us.

For the record, I was on the very edge of the road, and Pepper wasn’t on it at all; he was out in the grass sniffing something. It’s not like we were out in the middle of the road, oblivious to anyone else who might be using it. It was such a bizarre overreaction to something 99 percent of the drivers I see on a run don’t even care about.

Anyway, we went on our way. The rest of the run was fine. We didn’t seem to piss off any other drivers.

This is my last blog post for a while. Tomorrow, my sisters, my mom and I are heading down to Charleston. I’ll be back next weekend. Pepper gets a whole week off from running with me.


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