A Simple Running Log

April 7, 2016

Training for 4/7/16

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This morning, I went in town and ran an interval workout at the track, eight 400-meter repeats.

I hate running on the track. It always feels like I was just there, even though it’s usually been weeks since the last time I made myself go. But interval workouts, for me anyway, seem to go better there than using the Garmin to measure them out on the road.

It was pretty windy, and threatening rain at any minute. There were two walkers when I first got there, but they were on their way out when I was finishing up my first warmup lap. After that, I had the whole place to myself.

The 23 mph wind was coming straight down the front stretch, which made running on that side of the track pretty tough. Of course, it made running on the back stretch feel like nothing.

I was shooting for 1:45 on each 400, about 7:00/mile pace. After a mile to warm up, I ran the first 400 and checked my watch. 1:48. Yeesh! The second one wasn’t much better — 1:47.

I was starting to think they were all just going to be slow, but then I ran the third one at what felt like the same effort, and it was five seconds faster, 1:42. The next four were all between 1:41 and 1:43, and I ran the final one in 1:39. I was pretty happy with those, considering the wind. Guess I just needed to knock off the rust on the first two. It hadn’t been that long since I ran and did strength training yesterday evening.

I did two more easy miles to cool down, for a total of 7 miles. By that time, it was starting to drizzle.

After I left the track, I dropped off all our recycling (which included an impressive amount of empty beer bottles for it having only been three weeks since the last time we cleared out the recycling) and did the grocery shopping.

I came home to, of course, explosive dog crap all over the utility room floor. It’d really started raining by that time, which was lucky for Pepper, because otherwise I’d have left his stupid ass outside until I have to leave again.

Anyway, I got that mess cleaned up, and later this afternoon I’m finally going to get our taxes filed.


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