A Simple Running Log

April 5, 2016

Training for 4/5/16

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Calvin in the last panel of this comic strip was me this morning:


Because late yesterday, I ran in shorts and a tank top through a light rain. First thing this morning, I ran in tights, a cold weather top, gloves and an earband in a wind chill way below freezing.

Stupid weather!

Anyway, yesterday, I took Pepper out for a short run. I was going to do the 3-miler on the schedule. But when we were almost to the turnaround, we were joined by three little kids, two of whom were on scooters, who tried to keep up with us. We quickly dropped them, but I didn’t feel like turning around and making Pepper deal with them head-on, especially when two of them were on wheels haha. He’d have had a heart attack!

So we kept going where we would have turned around, and did the 4.5-mile loop instead. It started raining in the last couple of miles, which was actually pretty nice.

When we got home, I went straight upstairs for once and did my strength training, instead of finding other stuff to do until it was “too late” again.

Clark got home after that. He’d gone to opening day at Camden Yards with coworkers, but the game went through a long rain delay, and they wound up leaving before it started again. He wanted to watch the college basketball championship game, which would’ve conflicted with my Monday night “Teen Mom 2” ritual, but lucky for me, he fell fast asleep as soon as he hit the couch haha. Conflict averted.

Naturally, I fell asleep 10 minutes into my show.

Today, I got up to feed Pepper and get in a run first thing, since I had morning and evening meetings to cover. I checked the weather app on my phone — 32 degrees with a 16 mph wind, making it feel like 21.


I hoped it was a mistake, but when I opened the door to let Pepper out after he ate, I found out the app was correct. So I layered up and headed out.

I felt better after cussing out the weather a few times on the walk out to the road. The first mile was head-on into the wind, but that just meant most of the rest of the 4.5-mile loop had the wind at my back or side. It really wasn’t that bad, but it’s freaking April, not January! Come on!


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