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April 1, 2016

Training for 4/1/16

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Happy birthday to me!

I’ve been busy registering for races. Last night, I wasn’t quite quick enough to sign up for the Philly Marathon at the early bird deal — Clark took me to Dogfish Head and I was, well, pretty drunk at midnight haha. I had trouble signing in to the registration website, and by the time I finally figured it out and got my information entered, 500 other people had beaten me, so I wound up having to pay $20 more. Oh well, I’m in, and I probably had more fun than they did last night, so there.

This morning I looked at my registration details and noticed I’d entered 3:35 as my predicted finish time. Looks like Drunk Abby decided I’m going for a PR!

Today, registration for the Dogfish Dash 8K in September opened at noon. It quickly became a huge mess. I entered Dave’s and my information and hit ‘pay,’ the website thought for a while, and then announced there was a problem processing my registration and I needed to contact support. So I hit ‘pay’ again. Same error message.

There was no support to contact, so I went to Dogfish Head’s Facebook page to see if anyone else was having a problem. I was definitely not alone. There were already several posts from people getting the same error message. I got a text from Clark saying he’d gotten that error message too.

I checked my bank account. My debit card had been charged. I tried to go back to the registration website, but the whole thing had crashed by that time.

I was getting pretty anxious until a confirmation email finally popped up in my inbox. Dave and I are in! So is TK, and so is Clark — twice. His card got charged twice and he got two confirmation emails. Apparently that happened to a lot of people. So that’s going to be fun to sort out.

All of this happened within the first three minutes of registration being open. It’s insane how popular this race is! I will not be surprised if they wind up having to go to a lottery system. For a little 8K in Milton, Del.

Anyway… today, I’ll probably take Pepper for a short run here in a little bit. It was raining its butt off earlier, but I think we’ve got a break from it for a little while. He’s going to have to stay home alone again tonight, since we’re taking my parents to Fogo de Chao in Baltimore to celebrate my dad’s and my birthdays, so I’d like to make sure he takes a dump before we go. He was a good boy last night, and we didn’t come home from Dogfish Head to any poop in the floor.

This weekend, I have a 90-minute long run and 3-mile pace run scheduled. I thought about doing the April Fool’s Challenge in Cape Henlopen State Park again, but it looks like the weather is going to be absolute crap Sunday morning, so scratch that.

Other than running, we’re going to Clark’s parents’ house tomorrow night for dinner, and there’s the Martinsville race to watch Sunday.


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