A Simple Running Log

March 28, 2016

Training for 3/28/16

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I had a pretty nice Easter weekend.

Friday night, Clark invited over a few coworkers to watch the college basketball games. We wound up staying up pretty late and drinking a few too many beers. I didn’t feel as bad as Clark did Saturday morning, but I definitely didn’t feel like doing the long run I had scheduled. So I just did a quick lap around the 4.5-mile loop instead.

Saturday night, we went to Clark’s parents’ house to celebrate my sister-in-law’s birthday. Clark grimly announced it might be the last time everyone saw poor Pepper, who is now gravely ill. He was joking of course. He’d been giving me a hard time ever since he got home from work Friday about how upset I’d gotten just hearing Pepper had a little bit of protein in his pee haha.

For the birthday cake, Clark’s mom had gotten a red velvet cake from Steve Konopelski, the professional baker in Denton who was one of the finalists in the Food Network’s Holiday Baking Championship. It was absolutely delicious, and beautiful. And she ordered a chocolate on chocolate cake for my birthday next weekend. I can’t wait!

Sunday morning, I gave Pepper his breakfast. We upped his twice-daily feeding from 2 cups at a time to 2.5 cups, and bought some pretty high-calorie food. Sunday morning was the first time I ever saw him have a hard time finishing his breakfast. He definitely hit the food wall, but he powered through.

When he was taken care of, I headed out to get my long run done before church.

It was a gray, chilly morning. A little breezy, but not bad.

The running itself went fine, but something was tearing up my digestive system just about the whole time. I’m pretty sure it was that cake, because sugar seems to be my guts’ No. 1 enemy, but I regret nothing.

About 7 miles into the 10.5-mile loop, I had to stop in the woods for a second time. I was wearing knee-length capris, and when I came out of the woods, I noticed blood running down my shins, where some particularly nasty briars had dug into the exposed skin. I paused to wipe off some of the excess blood, and flick away a tick crawling from my sock to my leg. Before I got going again, I made a failed attempt to launch a snot rocket, and then used my shirt to wipe off the sweat and snot on my face. Poop, blood, ticks, sweat and snot, all in a three-minute span. I started laughing right there in the road. Running is disgusting!

I had to walk some of the last mile because I had to use the bathroom AGAIN but there was no good place to do it until I got home. But, like I said, other than all the pooping, it was a pretty good 10.5-mile run, especially for only being a week after a marathon.

I got home in time to shower and make it to church for the Easter morning service. We went to my parents’ house for Easter dinner.

My dad just so happened to get a new flock of chickens two days ago, so my brother went to the chicken house to get a real live Easter chick for Kaylee.

She was not impressed!

kaylee with easter chick

She definitely preferred her little stuffed bunny that didn’t chirp or ruffle its feathers the one time she reached out to touch it.

That kid cracks me up. Like most kids, she’s very curious and is always looking around, but she always has this look on her face like she’s taking notes and plotting something haha. It’s less “ooh look at that new thing!” and more “hmm, yes, this is useful information…”

Anyway, today I have an easy 3-miler and strength training on the schedule.


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