A Simple Running Log

March 17, 2016

Training for 3/17/16

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Today was my final day of training before Shamrock. I had a 2-miler on the schedule. It was such a perfect day, I took Pepper to the trail for the first time in forever.

I’d been thinking about that old guy with the asshole poodle he lets run off-leash, hoping we wouldn’t run into them. We hadn’t had to deal with them since probably about this time last year. Well, guess who was just coming out of the woods when Pepper and I pulled into the parking lot? The old guy and his stupid asshole poodle.

I decided Pepper and I were not getting out of the car until that guy had at least put his jerkface poodle in his car. But of course Pepper started barking his head off as soon as he saw the poodle, and the poodle started yelping and circling my car, waiting for Pepper to get out. Meanwhile, the guy did absolutely nothing to try to get his asshole dog in his car. Nothing.

So I had to bite the bullet and let Pepper out. As usual, the poodle lunged at Pepper, who wanted nothing to do with it. Eventually the poodle lost interest and hopped in the guy’s car on its own accord. That whole time, I never once heard the guy call to his dog. And when I tried to be polite anyway and said good morning to him, he just smirked at me. What a weirdo.

Anyway… we did a lap around the usual 3-mile loop. Pepper had to stop and pee on everything, so it took forever. But it was nice to be out there again.

When we got home, I did a little strength training upstairs.

And that’s it! I’m all done until the 8K Saturday morning.


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