A Simple Running Log

March 16, 2016

Training for 3/16/16

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Yesterday, I didn’t get up in time to do anything before work (damn time change is still messing me up.) Hours after I got home, I finally got my butt upstairs and did some strength training — ab exercises, push-ups, invisible chair-sitting and weights. It’s nice to be able to use the upstairs again, now that it’s not so bitterly cold up there.

Today, I took Pepper out for the next-to-last run on the training plan. It was supposed to be four 400-meter intervals, but I just ran the 4.5-mile loop and let Pepper set the pace. Probably worked out about the same.

Then I had to go cover an event at an elementary school. They were trying to get the kids pumped up for this presentation during lunch by offering pencils as prizes for correctly answering trivia questions. The vast majority of the kids were losing their minds, trying to get picked to win a pencil. One kid caught my eye, because this would have been me in this situation:

me as a child

This girl had been thinking about one thing since breakfast this morning, and it wasn’t a stupid pencil haha.

She even kind of looks like I did in fourth grade. I wonder if her mom cuts her bangs too.

Anyway… the weather situation for this weekend is looking better. There’s still a chance of showers Sunday, and it will be breezy, but they’re no longer calling for lightning or gusting winds. Sounds like pretty typical Shamrock weather.


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