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March 14, 2016

Training for 3/14/16

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My final weekend of training before Shamrock went pretty well.

Saturday, I did the 8-miler, a lap around the 8.4-mile loop. Other than a much-needed stop in the woods about 3.5 miles in, it was a good run.

That evening, we didn’t feel like making dinner at home or going out for a nice meal, so we just went in town and picked up some fast food. Specifically, I wanted one of those new Quesalupas from Taco Bell. I love chalupas, I love quesadillas and I thought the Quesarito worked really well, so the Quesalupa sounded like it’d be right up my alley.

What a BITTER DISAPPOINTMENT. I couldn’t find ANY extra cheese in the shell. It was just a regular ol’ chicken chalupa in a slightly differently-shaped shell. I felt cheated!

Anyway… yesterday, I had a 4-miler on the schedule, so around noon, I went out to knock out a lap around the 4.5-mile loop.

I was expecting it to kinda suck, what with all the Taco Bell for dinner the night before, but it wound up being a great run. I felt like I could’ve run all day! I hope I feel that good in the marathon next weekend. Maybe I should eat Taco Bell for dinner the night before.

When I got home, Clark said I should go for a bike ride too, and I was in such a good mood after that run I actually did it. I can’t remember the last time I rode my bike. I’m not sure I took it out once last year, since I didn’t get injured.

I rode it around my 13.2-mile loop. The last three miles were into the wind, so that part sucked, but other than that, it felt fine.

We watched the Phoenix race. It was another good one! And the finish was pretty exciting — Kevin Harvick held off Carl Edwards to win by about 4 inches, the closest finish ever at that track. Even the commenters on NASCAR’s Facebook page didn’t find much to complain about, and they’re usually the saltiest people on the internet.

Today begins the final training week for Shamrock. I only have about 10 miles to run, total. Today I’m taking Pepper out for a short easy run and then doing strength training.

Speaking of Shamrock… I tend to stay away from the race day weather forecast until it’s time to pack running clothes, because it can change so much. No use in getting my hopes up for a great forecast, or worrying about a crappy one. But I did notice the little icon in the 10-day forecast for next Sunday in Virginia Beach is a cloud with a lightning bolt.

Then, this morning, one of my friends who is also running Shamrock posted her weather app’s entire forecast for next Sunday: 80 percent chance of rain, winds gusting to 40 mph.

Um, EW.

I’m really hoping that turns out to be wrong, since we’re still six days away from the race!


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