A Simple Running Log

March 7, 2016

Training for 3/7/16

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Saturday, I ran the shorter run on the weekend’s schedule, a lap around the 5.5-mile loop. Nothing special to note.

That evening, we went to my parents’ house for a family dinner celebrating all the birthdays in February and March (there are a lot.) While we were there, my mom, my sisters and I started planning the weeklong trip to Charleston we’re taking in mid-April. We’ve got the hotel booked and a rental car reserved, big enough for four women and all their stuff. Should be a good time!

Sunday, I waited to run until Clark woke up and reminded me those 12 miles weren’t going to knock themselves out. There really was no reason not to run them all. The weather was decent — chilly but not too cold, overcast and not much of a breeze — and I still had three hours before the Las Vegas race was supposed to start. So I went.

It wasn’t a bad run. I did the 12.2-mile loop and felt pretty good still at the end. Which is good, since I’ll still have 14 more miles to run at that point in the marathon in two weeks.

I’m always amazed by the runners who talk about “taper madness,” when they feel like they’re going crazy because of the reduced mileage during a marathon taper. Personally, I LOVE the taper. It’s my favorite part of marathon training, after the actual marathon! You’re just doing these short easy runs that require little to no preparation, and that you don’t have to carry water or GU for. It’s wonderful!

Anyway, I got home in time to take a shower and settle in for the race, which was pretty entertaining. A lot of actual racing. I felt bad for everyone in the stands though, dealing with the 50 mph winds, the rain before the race and the sand storm that blew through during it. I’m going to be pissed if it’s like that the year Vegas is our destination race!

Today, I’ve written a couple more mind-numbingly boring newspaper articles (have I mentioned how much I hate budget season?) but now I’m about to take Pep out for the easy 4-miler on today’s schedule.


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