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February 29, 2016

Training for 2/29/16

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Happy Leap Day!

Saturday, I ran what was supposed to be this weekend’s shorter run, the 10-miler. It was still cold and windy, but not as bad as Friday had been. I did a lap around the 10.1-mile loop and felt pretty good.

That afternoon, we went to 16 Mile for a cookie and beer pairing event to benefit the Girl Scout troop of which Mike’s girlfriend, Natasha, is a leader and her daughter is a member. We each got to pick four different Girl Scout cookies, and then we got a 4-oz. taster of a particular beer with each.

I got a Samoa, a Tagalong, a Do-Si-Do and a Thin Mint. I remember the Thin Mint was paired with 16 Mile’s porter brewed with Thin Mints, which tasted even better than plain Thin Mints, and the Do-Si-Do was paired with their brown ale brewed with peanut butter, which was also really good.

After we polished off the tasters, we had a few more pints and got some crawfish po’ boy sandwiches from the Po Boys food truck parked outside. It was a fun time, and Natasha said they had a pretty good turnout, so hopefully they made some money off it.

Pepper got to go too. He was very well-behaved, but he would not stop farting. I sat in a corner with him so it wouldn’t bother too many other people, but the guy sitting on the other side of Clark could definitely smell it. His friend, who was sitting across from him on the other side of the table, said he didn’t even know Pepper had been there the whole time, and that guy was like “I knew he was here” and fanned his nose haha. Sorry! Then he joked that he thought I’d been the one farting the whole time, and I said that’s why I bring Pepper out in public everywhere, so I can blame it on the dog.

When we left 16 Mile, things got a little hazy for me. Apparently those pints caught up with me pretty quick, and I fell asleep in Mike’s truck on the way to Rehoboth. But not before I scarfed down an entire box of Samoas! I was pretty disappointed when Mike and Natasha were dropping us off at home and I found the empty box in the floor of the truck. Most likely the only Samoas I’ll get all year and I don’t even remember them!

Yesterday, I felt OK, probably because I fell asleep at like 7 the night before, but I did not feel like running 20 miles. So I only did 5.5. Lame, I know. I don’t really have an excuse for it. Just lazy.

I got home in time to see most of the NASCAR race, which, unfortunately, Jimmie stupid Johnson won, which, unfortunately, tied him with Dale Earnhardt Sr. on the all-time wins list, with 76 each. I can’t believe I’ve suffered through watching him and that smug little buttface Chad Knaus win 76 times now.

Today, of course, was a bonus February day. I had plans to do a longer run to make up for being so lazy yesterday, but it didn’t happen. Not because I was lazy, but because I procrastinated so much last week and had to crank out several articles on mind-numbingly boring crap like budget hearings and tax differentials. By the time I could go out, it was 4 p.m. and Pepper and I only had time for the 5.5-mile loop again.

So that brings me to the end of February, which means it’s time for my monthly summary.


  • Week 1 (Feb. 1-6): 27.5 miles
  • Week 2 (Feb. 7-13): 32.7
  • Week 3 (Feb. 14-20): 47.8
  • Week 4 (Feb. 21-27): 37.6
  • Week 5 (Feb. 28-29): 11

Total: 156.6 miles

Not was I was aiming for this month, but not terrible. I got lazy on vacation, got a little sick when we came home and then stayed lazy. Considering I only ran 107 miles this month last year in training for the same marathon I’m running in a few weeks, this was an improvement.

As far as racing went, I only ran one, but it was a doozy — the LA Marathon on Valentine’s Day with Clark. Definitely one of my favorite and most memorable races ever! He was even asking last night about other scenic marathons we could run together. I suggested Big Sur or San Francisco next.

Tomorrow is the first day of March, which means I am tapering for and less than three weeks away from SHAMROCK!! That’s pretty much the extent of my plans for March.


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