A Simple Running Log

February 23, 2016

Training for 2/23/16

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Yesterday, I took Pepper out for the easy 5-miler on the schedule. About a mile into the run, we passed a field that was already being spread with manure. (And the peepers were already out in the woods, so it really felt like an early spring.) For the next quarter-mile, I had to drag Pepper along to try to stop him from picking up huge disgusting nuggets of chicken poop. Twice, he was too quick for me, and I had to manually remove the chicken poop from his mouth, covered in dog slobber. Truly gag-worthy.

The rest of the run was normal. Then, last night, Clark, Pepper and I were all on the couch, when Pepper got this weird look on his face. His lips were curled back. I said “He looks like he’s going to puke.” Sure enough, 15 seconds later, still on the couch, he projectile vomited all over the carpet. Second gag-worthy moment of the day with Pepper.

Anyway, today, I took Pepper out for another lap around the 5.5-mile loop. It had gotten colder and was drizzling, but I didn’t want to take a chance on having to clean up dog poop when I got back, so I made Pepper run with me. It really wasn’t that bad, and he didn’t seem to hate it too much. He didn’t eat any chicken poop this time either, so hopefully we won’t need the shop vac and carpet cleaner later.


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