A Simple Running Log

February 10, 2016

Training for 2/10/16

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Yesterday became a rest day. I was going to do a short easy run when I got home from work, but when I did, it was chilly and raining outside, and Pepper had been a good boy and not pooped in the utility room, so I didn’t want to make him go out with me or leave him alone again. Plus, it’d been a week since my last day off anyway.

Today, we did that short easy run, a 5-miler. It was cold and windy, albeit sunny, and I don’t think either one of us really wanted to be out there. It turned out we got to see a little bit of excitement though.

We were almost to an intersection about a mile into the run. Pepper was really inching along for the first mile today, sniffing every little blade of grass on the side of the road. I was stopped, waiting for him to finish sniffing another spot, when I saw a car pulling across that intersection ahead. All of a sudden there was a big “pop!” and the front bumper came flying off the car.

Turned out there had been a car coming from the other side of the intersection (which does not have a stop sign) and the car I was watching had pulled out in front of it. The driver of the other car had managed to slow down enough and turn a bit so they just hit front bumpers. Both cars were still drivable and pulled off the road.

By the time Pepper and I had made it to that intersection, where we always turn anyway, the drivers were already cleaning up car pieces in the road, and one was on the phone, I guess calling the police. I didn’t know what to do so I just asked if everyone was OK. They said they were, so I went on my way.

Several years ago, at college, I had a small fender-bender. (And I mean small — it cost $300 to fix the paint scrape on the other car.) We’d pulled our cars into a parking lot and I was giving the other driver my insurance info, when these two old ladies, who I guess had been stopped in another car nearby and saw the “accident,” excitedly asked if they needed to hang around to be witnesses for the cops. The other driver and I both said no, we were just exchanging insurance info, we weren’t calling the police, it wasn’t a big deal, but those old bats would not leave us alone. It must have been the most exciting thing they’d seen in about 30 years.

So maybe someone else, in my position today, would have offered to stay long enough to tell the police what I saw, but those two busybodies pissed me off that day 11 years ago and I would’ve hated myself for becoming them haha. It didn’t look like the at-fault driver was trying to get away, so I’m sure they didn’t need me anyway.

Pepper and I finished the rest of the 5.5-mile loop without incident.


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