A Simple Running Log

February 5, 2016

Training for 2/5/16

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Man, this irritating little cough I’ve had all week is really getting on my nerves. It feels like a tickle in my throat, except it’s down deep in my chest, so to “scratch” it, I really have to cough deep. Just taking a normal breath makes it “itch,” so it’s been fun sitting through all the meetings I had to cover this week, trying not to cough the whole way through. It’s like trying not to blink for 45 minutes.

Last night, I woke up around 2 a.m. in a coughing fit and just could not get back to sleep. I also could not stop coughing. Cough drops and syrups don’t seem to hit where my throat is irritated, so those were useless. A couple spoonfuls of honey helped a little, but quickly wore off. I didn’t get much sleep, and unfortunately, neither did Clark. He was nice and didn’t give me a hard time, but Pepper kept groaning at me. Sorry!

And then when we got up this morning, it’d started snowing. There was already a layer on the ground.

I just did not feel at all like going in town and doing those intervals today. So I didn’t. Instead, I took Pepper out for another easy lap around the 4.5-mile loop and called it good enough. Whatever.

When we got back home, I started my car to see if it really was fixed. The new engine mount did the trick! No more death rattle when I start it for the first time on a cold day.

This weekend, I have a 12-miler and a 6-miler on the schedule. Other than running, we’ve got Clark’s birthday dinner at his parents’ house tomorrow night, and the Super Bowl on Sunday.


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