A Simple Running Log

February 4, 2016

Training for 2/4/16

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Today, I was going to run the speed workout on the schedule, but I ran out of time. So I just did the easy lap around the 4.5-mile loop I skipped Tuesday and was going to make up tomorrow. I should have plenty of time to get to the track tomorrow to do today’s intervals. This week’s workouts will be out of order, but they’ll be done.

Since I ran at home today, I could take Pepper. It was a better run than yesterday’s. I’m still coughing but it didn’t bother me as much while running today. It was also still pretty windy, but it’d shifted to a different direction that wasn’t in our faces nearly as much.

I’ve also run the past two days in my newest pair of Zantes. I like the third pair just as much as I did the first and second. They’re so PINK though. Like, retina-burning hot pink. They didn’t look so pink online. Oh well, they were cheap.

Good thing I saved some money on running shoes, because it’s being dumped in my car at the moment. For the last year, my car has developed this extremely loud vibration in the right front after I start it, which then becomes almost deafening when I put it in reverse to back out of the garage. Eventually, as the car warms up, it goes away. The next morning though, it’s back. The colder it is outside, the louder it is and the longer it takes to go away.

It turns out my car is not a special snowflake at all. Honda owners have been complaining about this very specific strange behavior for years. It’s caused by a hydraulic engine mount on the right side. Apparently when they get old, whatever kept the liquid inside from freezing loses its effectiveness. So the liquid starts to freeze. When you start the engine, that little block of semi-solid liquid rattles around inside the mount, which is transferred out to the surrounding area. Then, as you drive the car, the engine melts the liquid, and it runs perfectly fine again. That’s being replaced.

My car was also dangerously low on oil due to a hole in the oil filter that was letting it all spray out. So that’s getting changed now too. I really have no idea how that one happened.

Whenever I take my car to the mechanic, I feel like I’m at confessional, except I’m spilling all the terrible, irresponsible things I’ve done to my car instead of to other people.

“What happened to all the plastic panels that are supposed to be under the engine?”

“Well, I was trying to park on someone’s lawn in Baltimore before a football game a few years ago, and the curb messed them up, some were dragging on the road, so we just ripped them off instead of replacing them…”

“Looks like there’s some welding here. Was this car in an accident?”

“Um, yeah. About seven years ago, I ran this car up over a median. It really did a number on the front end.”

And so on.

Poor car! It puts up with a lot. It’s been a really good car though. Other than this annoying engine mount thing, I haven’t had to spend anything else on maintenance beyond normal stuff like tires and brakes.

Now that I’ve gotten the oil changed and the rattle fixed, maybe I’ll even get it washed for the first time since last June! Or do something about the blanket of dog hair covering every inch of the interior.


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