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February 2, 2016

Training for 2/2/16

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Happy Groundhog Day! Reportedly, Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow today, which means an early spring. It’s supposed to be nearly 70 degrees here tomorrow, so I think he’s right.

Well, I don’t think I was as hungover as I thought I was Sunday. I mean, I don’t think it helped, but it turns out I was probably coming down with something. I felt achy all over all day yesterday. Then Pepper and I went out and ran the 6.5-mile loop. It was still shorts and T-shirt weather, and I felt OK while we were running, but as soon as we got back, the achy-ness came back, along with the chills.

I woke up this morning feeling mostly better. I don’t feel chilled anymore. I’m still a little sore in my back and abdomen, but I think that’s more from the incessant coughing that also started Sunday, which also seems to be abating a bit. Whatever it was, I hope that was as bad as it’s going to get and it’s on its way out.

I took today as rest day. I’ve run the last nine days in a row so I think I was due one anyway. I’ll just make up the 4-miler I was going to do today Friday.

Today, I saw this Facebook post from the LA Marathon:

vow renewal

When I mentioned it to Clark, he asked if they’d let us rescind our vows instead haha. He’s such a hopeless romantic.


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