A Simple Running Log

January 28, 2016

Training for 1/28/16

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Today is Clark’s 33rd birthday! He woke up with a hangover and a Justin Bieber song stuck in his head haha. I think the hangover was the result of all the beer he drank at Dogfish Head last night, but maybe that’s just what 33 feels like? I mean, there’s not really another explanation for the Bieber earworm.

If you ever see scrapple sandwiches show up at Starbucks, thank Clark. Last night, at the bar, he struck up a conversation with the guy sitting next to him. That guy was from Chicago, worked for Starbucks and was in town because Starbucks is thinking about trying again on Delmarva. He knew what we were talking about when we said there was a Starbucks in Seaford for about two minutes in 2009 or 2010 before it closed because around here, Dunkin Donuts is the fancy coffee.

We told him all about scrapple, and how it might be the key to Starbucks actually getting some traction here. It’s gotta be on white toast, no ciabatta or brioche bullshit. With a fried egg. The locals would be lining up, and the beach tourists would be intrigued! Those tourists would then go home and ask for scrapple sandwiches at their local Starbucks. Next thing you know, Bridgeville’s RAPA Scrapple would be sold at Starbucks coast to coast.

The bartender joined in too, and wrote down a couple of diners where the guy could try scrapple for himself for breakfast. So this morning, that guy probably woke up with a hangover himself, looked at this piece of paper that said “Crystal Diner, Robin Hood, scrapple” and wondered what the hell happened last night. And that’s probably where the Starbucks scrapple saga ended haha. Oh well.

Personally, I didn’t feel bad at all when I woke up today. Since I had to drive last night, I only had a couple beers. When Clark left for work, I left for the 10-miler on the schedule.

Pepper had to sit this one out. He was upset when I left the house without him.

It was rather cold out, but the wind was nonexistent, as forecasted, so once I got through the first half-mile or so, I was pretty comfortable. No complaints about that.

My legs were definitely feeling the miles I’ve run this week though. It was a bit of a slog in the last few miles. But it’s another 10.5 miles in the books.

And when I got home, there was no dog poop waiting for me in the utility room! Win-win.


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