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January 25, 2016

Training for 1/25/16

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The big blizzard came and went this weekend. It wasn’t much of a hassle here. We didn’t get nearly as much snow as places farther west, and we didn’t get all the flooding they had to deal with on the coast.

As I previously noted, it started snowing here Friday afternoon near the end of my long run. Saturday morning, there wasn’t as much accumulation outside as expected, but it was still coming down, and the wind had really picked up. Rest day!

We stayed in all day Saturday. Pancakes for breakfast, movies all day and pizza for dinner. I was a little worried we’d lose power at some point, because the wind was absolutely screaming, but it never happened.

Sunday morning, the storm had moved out and it was a beautiful sunny day. Still well below freezing and breezy, but a much better day for a run. After I got some chili going in the Crock Pot, I headed out.

At one point Saturday, the precipitation had switched from snow to freezing rain and then back to snow, so there was a hard crust of ice over the snow. It was weird to walk across several inches of snow in the front yard and barely leave any tracks behind!

The road we live on was mostly clear, except for a couple spots where the wind was blowing snow across it. About a mile down the road, I turned on to the road headed toward the ferry. That one was more like I expected; it had been plowed, but there was still a lot of ice, snow and slush. I was glad I’d worn old trail shoes. They had enough traction that I never slipped the whole way.

Another half-mile down that road, I passed a farm I pass on every single run. There were a few people out in the yard. I heard one of them say, “Are you kidding me? She’s STILL out here running?” haha. I wanted to yell back that I’d at least taken off the day before.

When I came to the next intersection, I had a choice: Turn right and do the 4.5-mile loop, or turn left and do the 9-miler I was supposed to do. I’d told Clark before I left I’d decide on the distance based on the road conditions, and so far it seemed totally fine, so I turned left.

A little over halfway through the run, I took this picture. This is what most of the roads I ran yesterday looked like:

snow road

And then I finished the 9.1-mile loop.

I got home in plenty of time to shower and settle in for the football games, which both went the way I wanted. The chili turned out pretty well too.

So, all in all, not a terrible weekend, in spite of the snow, which I still think is stupid.

There was some pretty bad flooding at the beaches though. Here are some pictures I lifted from various sources:

surf avenue during storm

View of the massive waves from the end of Surf Avenue in Rehoboth during the storm Saturday.

rehoboth seawall during storm

Waves crashing over the seawall in the same spot in Rehoboth.

dolles during storm

The boardwalk at the end of Rehoboth Avenue during the storm.

oc pier gone

Ocean City’s fishing pier got washed away. Again. (It was wiped out during Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and again during a winter storm in 2014.)

indian river after storm

Our favorite surfing spot at the Indian River inlet yesterday afternoon.

deldot trucks clearing route 1

DelDOT trucks clearing sand from the highway just before the bridge yesterday.

Today, it’s supposed to get above freezing, so I’ll take Pepper out for the short easy run on the schedule a little later. He hates snow as much as I do, so this is how he spent the majority of the weekend:

pep in the sun

In fact, that’s exactly what he looks like right now.


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