A Simple Running Log

January 22, 2016

Training for 1/22/16

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I actually did my long run today! Good thing too, because it’s coming down out there already.

I was under the impression the snow wouldn’t get here until about 5 p.m., so I thought I had plenty of time today to run and then go to Walmart to get some stuff in anticipation of being snowed in all weekend. Imagine my surprise when I checked the weather at 11:30 a.m. and saw a huge light blue blob on the radar, not that far away, and an alert: “Snow to start sooner than expected.” Great!

I threw on both pairs of tights, a compression top with a windproof pullover, tall socks, a fleece beanie and gloves, put a GU and a salt cap in my water bottle’s pouch and hit the road.

I was planning to do the 14.5-mile loop solo, then pick up Pepper for the last 4.5 miles.

The first five miles or so didn’t feel that great. My stomach was cramping. Then I had to stop in the woods for a bathroom break. I hoped with that out of my system, the next 9.5 miles would feel better, but they didn’t. I don’t know what the problem was. I just felt uncomfortable the whole way. I never had to use the bathroom again though.

About 10 miles into the run, the first flurries started to fall. A mile and a half later, I was getting pelted by a full-on snowfall. I knew the 14.5-mile loop was going to be it today. Pepper wouldn’t want to run in the snow, and I needed to get to Walmart and back before the roads got too dicey.

So, in the end, I didn’t do all 19 miles I’d planned today, but I did do a long run. It’ll just have to suffice.

When I got home, I took a quick shower and went in town. The roads were still fine on the way in. Walmart was the total shitshow I expected it to be, and by the time I finally made it out of there and was headed home, the roads had already gotten slippery. I was very glad I hadn’t run those last 4.5 miles and held off going in town any longer.

And now I’m home, where I’ll probably be for the rest of the weekend. I don’t know how much running will get done tomorrow or Sunday. I’ll just wait and see what it’s like out there.

I do have stuff to make a Crock Pot of chili and plenty of beer, and two NFL conference championship games to watch Sunday.



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