A Simple Running Log

January 14, 2016

Training for 1/14/16

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Today, I did something I haven’t done in a while. I went in town to the high school track and ran a proper interval workout. And it wasn’t that bad!

I had six 800-meter repeats on the schedule. It was still pretty cold this morning, so I waited until it warmed up enough I could wear one pair of capri-length tights and one long-sleeved top, instead of the multiple layers I needed yesterday.

Going in town to run meant Pepper had to stay home. He was not happy with me. I crossed my fingers and hoped he’d cleared out the ol’ poop chute on one of his many outdoor excursions before I left.

The track was empty when I got there. My favorite!

Unfortunately, waiting until that late in the morning had also given the wind time to whip up. It was blowing in my face down the front stretch. Of course, that meant I had a nice tailwind on the back stretch.

I was hoping to run around 3:30 for each interval. The last few interval workouts I’ve done have all been significantly slower than that, but I was hoping at least part of it was because I was trying to run them on the road, with Pepper, who doesn’t give a shit about paces or recoveries or anything really other than finding a stick and getting back home to his spot on the couch.

I did a mile to warm up and then ran the first 800 in 3:32. It felt like the last one, not the first one! Blergh. Five to go.

I jogged a recovery lap and ran the second interval in 3:31. Still slow, but least I was getting faster.

Another recovery lap, and then I ran the third one in 3:29. OK, my first sub-3:30 800 in who knows how long. That’s good!

But I was only halfway through the workout, feeling like I was going to die. Man, I really need to make myself do these things regularly again! (I say that every time I finally make myself do them.)

I ran the fourth interval in 3:27. Even better! Another recovery lap, and I ran the fifth one in 3:28.

Alright, one to go. I didn’t feel like I had much gas left in the tank as I took off for the final interval. I glanced down at my watch as I finished the first lap, the halfway point, and saw it was at 1:46 — 3:32 pace if I didn’t run the second lap any faster. That was not acceptable. I can’t run the last one the same as the first one, which is always my slowest. So I gutted out the second lap as fast I could and finished the whole thing in 3:25. Fastest interval of the day and a 1:39 second lap.

I ran the final recovery lap, and then another mile of cool down, for a total of 6.5 miles.

Overall, I was pleased with my paces. Only the first two were slower than my goal, and not by much. It definitely felt like more work than it used to though, to run those paces. Again, this is why I need to make myself do this crap regularly.

The best part was when I got home and found no dog poop in the floor! That’s a good boy.


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