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December 31, 2015

Training for 12/31/15

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My running year is officially in the books.

Yesterday afternoon, I took Pepper out for an easy lap around the 4.5-mile loop. Today, I had him all harnessed up and ready to go for our last run together of 2015, but we stepped out the door just as Clark pulled into the driveway. So I wound up running one last 4.5-mile loop alone. When I got home, I went upstairs and did some strength training — abs, push-ups, invisible chair-sitting and weights.

And that’s it! First, the monthly summary.


  • Week 1 (Dec. 1-5): 24.7 miles
  • Week 2 (Dec. 6-12): 20.5
  • Week 3 (Dec. 13-19): 29.7
  • Week 4 (Dec. 20-26): 24.3
  • Week 5 (Dec. 27-31): 30.9

Total: 130.1 miles

Shamrock training got off to a decent start, but I skipped half of the four scheduled long runs this month.

As far as racing went, I ran the half at Rehoboth, which didn’t go nearly as well as I’d wanted, and the Ugly Sweater 5K with Pepper, which was fun, once I got him pointed in a straight line.

In January, I’ve got nothing but training miles scheduled, and lots of them.

Now, my yearly summary:


  • January: 115.2 miles
  • February: 107.5
  • March: 135
  • April: 137.1
  • May: 142.6
  • June: 95.3
  • July: 119.7
  • August: 160.7
  • September: 134.9
  • October: 183.6
  • November: 120.1
  • December: 130.1

Total: 1,581.8 miles

Hell yes. Look at that mile total! This year, I ran about 370 miles more than last year. It’s been since 2011 that I could say I ran more this year than the year before!

Not getting injured was a big help. Except for June, I ran in the triple digits every month. Not sure what happened in June, other than that impromptu trip to San Diego.

I’m pretty happy with my mileage, finally, but damn if my race times didn’t suck this year, compared to even just last year. I would say the low-water mark was the Women’s Distance Festival 5K in June, on a blazing hot day, in which I had to walk in a 5K — three times! — for the first time ever.

So I wasn’t at all fast this year, but I did finish three marathons, which is three more than I did last year, and two more than I did the year before.

Anyway, here’s 2015 in pictures:


Cold as balls. I skipped a lot of miles due to sheer unwillingness to face the often record-setting cold. But I did get to meet my first niece, so it wasn’t all bad.

kaylee 2-1-15


Colder than balls. Just when you didn’t think it could get any less tolerable around here, it did. Again, actual miles run were much lower than my Shamrock training plan called for. Oh well. I’d rather be undertrained than frozen.

frozen canal

Canal frozen over by the beach house in Fenwick.


It finally started to thaw out around here in March. Pepper and I ran a 5K in Denton in 21:57, which would turn out to be my fastest 5K of the year, and then the following weekend, I went to Shamrock and successfully completed the Whale Challenge for the first time in two years.

post 8k beers

After finishing the 8K on Saturday.


Finishing the marathon in 4:02 on Sunday!

Pepper and I also ran the April Fools’ Day Challenge in Cape Henlopen State Park, which wound up being a 3.5-mile run down the beach, through the woods and through and under several obstacles. It was a lot of fun!

pepper and me before ditch jump

Running the April Fools Challenge together.


I ran the Cherry Blossom 10-Mile Run in Washington, D.C. I didn’t like it. It was way too crowded. The course was beautiful though. It was also short; there was an accident involving a pedestrian on the course right before they were going to close the roads, and they had to reroute it. It wound up being the Cherry Blossom 9.5-Mile Run.


Coming to the finish.


I paced the Island 2 Island Half Marathon for the second year, this time leading the 3:00 pace group. Another successful outing!

mile 12

On the boardwalk.

Two weeks later, the weather had suddenly turned hot, just in time for the half marathon in St. Michaels. I really liked the new race course, but it was hard to care about it when I felt like I was going to explode like a popcorn kernel. My face is the reddest I’ve ever seen it in the pictures from the end, and I was sick the rest of the afternoon. Pretty miserable.

finish 1

Kill me now.

A week after that, Seashore Striders kicked off the annual summer series with the Masser 5-Miler. I was about four and a half minutes off the PR I set in that race two years earlier, but I managed a smile for the camera at the end.

masser 5-miler finish 2015

I also raced the first of five 5Ks I had to run to qualify for the summer series, another slow effort on a hot day.


I went out to San Diego to meet Clark, who’d gotten stuck there much longer than expected because of a problem with a customer’s refrigeration system.

clark and me encinitas

After surfing in Encinatas.

I hardly ran while I was out there, and when I got home, I didn’t feel like getting my butt in gear again. This is when things really got ugly. The Saturday after I got home from California was the day I had to walk in that 5K. It was bad!

2015 ssrs 5k finish

SERIOUSLY. Kill me now!

I ran two more 5Ks in June. They were still slow but not as bad as that first one. And I didn’t have to walk again!


I ran two races in July. First up was one last 5K to qualify for the summer series, which, at 22:49, was much slower than the same race a year earlier, but was also much faster than the first four 5Ks of the series. At least I was moving in the right direction.

firecracker 5k finish 2

Then, I went to Rosaryville State Park to run a 25K. It was awful. It was extremely hot and humid that day, and it took me 3:24 to finish 15.5 miles. I was just glad I hadn’t signed up for the 50K again.

finish line

Jen and Niki, who both ran the 50K, and me.


I didn’t run any races in August, just cranked out some miles, including — gasp! — a 16-miler! All alone! A proper long run. How about that.


September started with the Last Blast Prediction 5K. I didn’t get anywhere close to my prediction, as usual, but I won first in my age group in the summer series again.

last blast finish

We went to Chicago for our destination NASCAR race. I liked the race track and I really liked the city itself.

three idiots in chicago

Clark, me and Mike before the race.

Chicago marquee

In front of the Chicago marquee during a running tour of the city.

We got to run the Dogfish Dash 8K at the end of the month. My brother won our bet, beating me by three minutes, so I had to pay his race registration fee, but I ran the 8K (4.97 miles) two minutes faster than the Masser 5-Miler in May, so that made me happy. The post-race Dogfish Head was pretty awesome too.

dogfish dash finish pro shot

Coming to the line.


I only ran one race in October, the Baltimore Marathon, which I ran in place of the final 20-miler on the training plan for my goal marathon three weeks later. I loved that race! The course was hilly but scenic. If it hadn’t been for two port-o-potty stops I had to make in the final 10K due to sudden digestive distress, I think I’d have run sub-4 that day. As it was, I finished in 4:10.

Baltimore mile?

Somewhere in the first half of the race.


The first weekend in November was my fall goal race, the Outer Banks Marathon in North Carolina. Like at Shamrock, I did an 8K+marathon challenge. The 8K was so small I won third in my age group. I paid for that the next day though; my legs were trashed by the second half of the marathon, and I missed my sub-4 goal by a freaking minute. Still though, it was my third marathon finish of 2015.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 1.54.24 PM

Mile 4ish of the 8K.

OBX marathon finish

Finishing the marathon.

I also ran the Huffin’ for Pumpkin Pie 5K in 22:42.

2015 pumpkin pie 5k finish


I was really hoping for a good race at the Rehoboth Beach Half Marathon the first Saturday of the month, but I had a Code Abby at mile 4 and then felt like I was going to puke the rest of the way. I finished in 1:56, which was still my best half marathon time of the year haha.

finish 2 resized

Even worse than the shitty race was Saturday night after the race. Everyone else went out to party their faces off, but I had to stay at the rental house because I was puking my guts out for several hours. Whatever.

The last race of the year was the Ugly Sweater 5K with Pepper. Nothing special as far as our time went, though we were first woman and first dog finishers, but we got some good pictures of ourselves running in ugly Christmas sweaters.

ugly sweater 5K on course

So, looking ahead to 2016.

Right now, I am registered for four races: the L.A. Marathon on Feb. 14 (Clark’s first marathon!), the Whale Challenge at Shamrock in March, the St. Michael’s Half Marathon in May and the Rehoboth Half Marathon in December.

I’m sure we’ll do the summer series at the beach, and the NASCAR schedule is allowing us to do the Dogfish Dash again, but registration for that doesn’t open until April 1. I’m also pretty certain I’ll pace the half marathon in Ocean City again this year. They haven’t started putting together the pace team yet.

There’s talk of a five-year LoopPhest reunion at Philly in November, which in 2011 was the biggest single gathering of Loop runners we’ve ever had. I’m considering making that my goal marathon for the fall, but I haven’t settled on anything yet.

And that’s about it for plans right now.

As far as goals go, I want to continue to run injury-free, first and foremost. I’d like to make myself put in the training, specifically long runs and speed work, to get back to the speeds I’ve run before. Finally, I want to keep the mileage total moving in the right direction, so my goal for 2016 is to run at least 1,582 miles.

Happy New Year!


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