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December 9, 2015

Training for 12/9/15

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I don’t have any training to report, since I still have yet to run after Saturday’s half marathon (though I feel like a run is going to happen later today), but… I have race pictures!

This year, the professional photos at Rehoboth were free. All of them. No more low-res screen shots with watermarks! They don’t even have sponsor logos in the corner like I thought they would. A lot of mid-size races are going to this new format. Next year, Shamrock and St. Michaels are also providing free professional race photography.

These first two were taken around mile 1.5, I think, when Jillian and I were still running together. Right before we saw the photographer, Jillian thought she saw a rogue cone out in the middle of the road, and half-tripped over it (there was no cone haha.) Anyway, we were joking about what the pictures were going to look like, but it turned out the photographer just got us laughing about it. So we look delirious.

jillian and me mile 1.5 resized

jillian and me mile 1.5 2 resized

The next one is from about mile 5. I’d stopped at the port-o-potty and was now dealing with a weird stomach. I look considerably less happy.

mile 5 resized

Then they got us somewhere on the trail between mile 8 and 10.

on the trail resized

I’m thinking, “Hmm, I wonder how good it would feel to just step off the trail here and take a nap. Probably pretty good.”

The last one is at the finish. Don’t be fooled by the smile. I knew someone somewhere was taking a picture. It was an involuntary reaction.

finish 2 resized

Notice I still have my snot rag (wad of toilet paper) in my one hand. I woke up more congested Saturday than I had been the day before, and kept having to blow and wipe my running nose.

They got some good pictures of Clark too. He’s even running in them.

Mile 1.5:

clark mile 1.5 resized

Mile 5:

clark mile 5 resized

On the trail:

clark on the trail resized

At the finish, where you can really see just how crappy he was feeling:

clark finish resized

I have to say, I was a little skeptical of the quality of the photos, since they were going to be free, but they turned out really well. I like this new trend! I hope more races go this route.


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