A Simple Running Log

December 4, 2015

Training for 12/4/15

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Yesterday turned into a rest day. I felt the worst Wednesday night I have the whole time I’ve been trying to fight off this cold, and I just didn’t have the energy yesterday to try to run or do any strength training. Plus, the rain finally moved out, but it was blown away by 25 mph winds. No thanks!

I had a much more restful night last night, except for one embarrassing episode. Around 3 a.m., I woke up with a tickle in my throat and couldn’t stop coughing. The only cough syrup in the house is Nyquil, so I didn’t want to take that so close to when I should be getting up. Instead, I got a cough drop and went back to bed.

I guess I sorta fell back asleep before I finished the cough drop, because it woke me up again when I bit down on the last little bit of the cough drop. By that point, I’d completely forgotten I had one in my mouth, so when I felt that small, round, smooth thing in my mouth, my first thought was my tooth had finally fallen out.

I have one baby tooth that doesn’t have a permanent tooth behind it, so it’s still there. I was told when I was 12 or 13 it would fall out when I’m about 35, at which time I’ll have to get a bridge, so this assumption wasn’t quite as stupid as it sounds.

Anyway, I completely freaked out and woke up Clark — “MY TOOTH FELL OUT!”

I ran to the bathroom and turned on the light, expecting to see myself transformed into a stereotypical NASCAR fan who doesn’t have all of her teeth. Instead, I still had a full set.

That was when I remembered the cough drop. I went back to the nightstand, where I’d set down the “tooth,” and shined a light on it. Yes, that is the last little pebble of a Halls honey lemon cough drop, you idiot.

Clark probably would have given me more shit for waking him up to essentially report I’d bitten down on a cough drop, but it was, you know, 3 a.m. He went back to sleep, but made sure to remind me of the whole thing when we woke up later.

Anyhow… since I didn’t run yesterday, I took Pepper for a short run this morning. The wind had died to a more reasonable stiff breeze. It’s another sunny, pretty day here.

We did a lap around the 4.5-mile loop. Most people who are running Rehoboth tomorrow are doing shake out runs today. I would call mine a blow out run. I stopped several times to blow out snot and cough up crud. As far as my energy and breathing went though, I felt fine. So I think the cold is on its way out, and I should be pretty much good to go tomorrow.

Whenever Clark gets out of work later, we’re heading to Rehoboth. There’s another large group of Loopsters coming into town, from as far away as California, and we’ve rented a big house near the beach again.

I’m being smarter about this race than I was last year. I am not drinking beer all day today, I will eat a real dinner tonight and I’m not sleeping in a sleeping bag in a common area. I hope to have a much less miserable time running tomorrow than I did last year.

The weather tomorrow looks pretty good. A little on the chilly side for my tastes, but sunny and not particularly windy.

I’ll be back to report on it Monday!


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