A Simple Running Log

November 13, 2015

Training for 11/13/15

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I didn’t do anything yesterday because of the blood donation the day before, but today, I took Pepper out for an easy 3-miler. I really didn’t feel any lingering effects from the donation, which was nice. It was a typical out-and-back with Pepper — slow on the way out, with plenty of pee breaks, and then a dead sprint on the way back, which was into a strong wind today.

I’m looking forward to a lazy weekend. I’ll probably run something tomorrow, but nothing long, and then take another rest day Sunday. Monday is the first day of a short training plan for the Rehoboth half marathon.

Tomorrow we’re going to the Waterfowl Festival, which I’ve never been to, despite having lived here my whole life. I think we’ll enter Pepper in the dock dogs competition, since he loves water so much. Ha. Actually, I’m pretty sure we’ll spend most of our time in the beer tent. I don’t really have any use for duck decoys or watercolor paintings of a flock of Canada geese.

Sunday is the next to last NASCAR race of the year. I’m hoping Kevin Harvick gets the win. We’re not going to Miami for the last race next weekend. At this point, we couldn’t even if we wanted to, because it sold out after Sweetie Pie won Martinsville and guaranteed he’ll have a shot at winning his fifth championship in his final race.


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