A Simple Running Log

November 3, 2015

Training for 11/3/15

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Yesterday, I took Pepper out for the easy 3-miler on the schedule. The whole way out to the turnaround, he was taking his sweet time, peeing on everything, taking a dump and even nabbing a mouthful of guts from a rabbit that had been run over. Which was weird, because he’s usually deathly afraid of roadkill. I yelled at him, and he started gagging 15 seconds later, so hopefully that got quashed before it became a bad habit. Gross!

Then we made the U-turn at the 1.5-mile mark, and of course we sped up and ran straight home with no hesitation. It took us 18 minutes to run the first half, a 12:00/mile average. It took us 12 minutes to run the second half, an 8:00/mile average. Typical.

My brother came over last night, and he said while he was glad to see Jeff Gordon win the race Sunday, Gordon’s victory celebration reminded him why he hated Gordon so much back in the day haha. It was definitely way less endearing when he was a little punk winning every other race!

I had to be at work pretty early for a meeting this morning, and I have another tonight, but I think I’ll go home this afternoon and take Pepper out for the short run on the schedule.


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