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November 2, 2015

Training for 11/2/15

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I had a pretty awesome weekend!

Saturday, I finally ran that 12-miler I skipped last weekend. It didn’t go as well as I would have liked, but it got done.

The first half was fine, except I kept thinking about something that was making me laugh so hard I had to stop to get my breath a couple of times. I love “Wheel of Fortune,” and last Thursday or Friday I thought up something that would make a great bonus puzzle. The category is Thing. Here’s what it would look like after you get the usual RSTLNE:

_ _ _ _ _ L E

_ _ R T

And here’s the solution:



I’m pretty sure I was inspired to come up with this bonus puzzle by hearing Pepper, a dog with no butt cheeks, rip yet another very loud fart. I don’t know how he does it. I’ve never before met a dog who can, well, audibly fart.

Anyway, it’d be a perfect bonus puzzle! It has consecutive vowels at the beginning of a word, which is really hard to guess, and other than the D, contestants don’t often call the remaining consonants.

The funniest part, to me, is imagining the contestant’s face after the 10 seconds is up and the letters fill in to reveal the solution. At which point, Pat Sajak would say, “Were you thinking…?” and then rip one.

That was what kept making me laugh when I was trying to run Saturday.

Then things got crappy. Almost halfway through the run, my iPod’s battery died, which was annoying. Then I kept getting this really tight feeling in my throat and across my shoulders, like it was all constricting, and it wouldn’t go away unless I walked a bit. I’m not positive, but I think it was related to actually doing strength training the day before. I was really sore when I woke up Saturday! My quads felt the worst, but they’d loosened up when I started running. My upper body, however, got tighter and tighter as I ran. That’s what I get for being such a slacker on the strength training, I guess.

I finished the entire 12.2-mile loop, putting a period on October’s training. So I’ll post my monthly summary now.


  • Week 1 (Oct. 1-3): 16 miles
  • Week 2 (Oct. 4-10): 36.2
  • Week 3 (Oct. 11-17): 61.4
  • Week 4 (Oct. 18-24): 24.9
  • Week 5 (Oct. 25-31): 45.1

Total: 183.6

183.6!! Holy shit, a mileage total that looks like I was actually training for a marathon! I haven’t run that many miles in a month since 2013!

I’ve also already run more miles this year (1,331) than I did last year (1,212), and I still have two months to go. This will be the first year since 2011 I can say I ran more miles than the year before. Not getting injured is great!

The only race I ran this month was the Baltimore Marathon, as a training run for OBX, which went really well until all the digestive problems in the final 10K. The running part was good though. If I can just keep my butt under control during OBX, I think I’ll be able to go sub-4 for the first time since March 2013.

Other than the marathon this coming weekend (oh yeah, and the 8K the day before it — I keep forgetting that part), I’ll probably race the pumpkin pie 5K I do every year the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and train for a decent half marathon in Rehoboth next month.

Moving on… Saturday was Halloween. Clark’s coworker invited us to go to 16 Mile’s costume party. Naturally, neither of us even thought about a costume until Saturday afternoon.

I was thinking I’d just do the dead beauty pageant contestant thing I did a few years ago, because I already had everything. I drove to Party City that afternoon to get face paint.

On the way there, I started thinking about this internet thread I’d been reading a couple days earlier, about books and stories that had scared us as kids. Someone mentioned the collection of short stories “In a Dark, Dark Room,” by the same guy who did those “Scary Stories to Tell In the Dark” books. The one story from that collection everyone remembered was “The Girl With the Green Ribbon.” To make a short story even shorter, this girl always wore a green ribbon around her neck. She grows up and gets married, and tells her husband never to untie her ribbon. Of course, he gets curious one day and unties it. Her head falls off.

So I made a stop at Hobby Lobby, where I got a roll of green ribbon for $1.27, and then I went to Party City for face paint.

I’m sure there are busier stores on Christmas Eve, but Party City on Halloween was pretty insane. I got some face paint and looked for a costume for Clark, but they didn’t have the one he wanted in his size. It took forever to get through the line to check out.

When I got home, Clark had thought of an alternate costume, but he had to run to Walmart to get a couple things.

This was our final result:

The girl with the green ribbon (after she died and tied her head back on.)

The girl with the green ribbon (after she died and tied her head back on.)

Clark the mime.

Clark the mime.

I think we spent a grand total of maybe $30 on our costumes this year. Not terrible for waiting until the last minute!

I was a little worried no one would get my costume and I’d just painted myself into a hipster Halloween though: “It’s too obscure; you wouldn’t have heard of it.”

Since we were going to 16 Mile, we could take Pepper with us. (Note his festive bone-printed bandana.) When we got to the brewery, there were a lot of people there, and they had a DJ inside playing very loud music. Pepper was having none of going inside. We stayed out by a fire pit the whole time we were there.

halloween 2015

Clark’s coworker’s wife immediately knew who I was! She remembered that story very well too.

When we left 16 Mile, we went to Clark’s coworker’s house. We wound up staying there until almost 3 a.m., which was actually only 2 a.m. after the time fell back.

Yesterday morning, I woke up still sore from strength training two days earlier, so I gladly took the rest day on the schedule. Instead of running, I made whole wheat-and-oatmeal pancakes from scratch for Clark and me, and we laid on the couch and watched the New York City Marathon. I love watching the elites run. It’s amazing to me how they can keep up that intensity for so many miles. By the end of a long run or marathon, I often feel like my form has deteriorated into a shuffle, but they’re actually running harder than they were at the beginning.

Right after the marathon ended, coverage began of the NASCAR race in Martinsville. What a freaking race it turned out to be!

First, there was the drama between Matt Kenseth and Joey Logano.

Kenseth was already pissed at Logano after Logano spun him out while they were racing for the lead at the end of the Kansas race a few weeks ago. Had Kenseth won Kansas, he’d have automatically advanced in the Chase. Instead, Logano won all three races of that round of the Chase and advanced, while Kenseth was among the four drivers cut from the Chase at the end of that round.

Then, yesterday, Logano and his teammate, Brad Keselowski, kept jacking up the restarts to let each other down into the preferred inside lane. On one of those restarts, Keselowski was trying to let Logano down, but caused a chain-reaction accident instead that took out himself, Kenseth and Kurt Busch, while Logano drove away unscathed.

Kenseth’s car was junk after the wreck, but he could still drive it. So he decided it was time for Logano to finally have a little bad luck.

After the next restart, Logano, in the lead, went to make a routine pass of Kenseth’s slow car. Which is when this happened:

kenseth logano contact

Kenseth pretty much gave Logano a big ol’ middle finger, but with the right front corner of his car. Both cars wrecked and were completely destroyed.

The fans went NUTS!

Now a lot of non-fans think NASCAR fans only watch it for the wrecks. If that were true, we would just go to demolition derbies.

We watch it for the controversies. Kenseth is usually so emotionless, no matter what happens, NEXTEL once made a commercial joking that he’s actually a robot. In the past year though, he’s jumped Keselowski between the haulers after an on-track incident, and now he’s really going after his rivals where it hurts them most — on the track, when they’re racing for points toward the championship. Right or wrong, Kenseth reached his boiling point with Logano.

NASCAR created these controversies with the Chase format — one bad race and your whole season is pretty much a waste — and they hype the shit out of them. Texas is next week, and they keep showing commercials reminding everyone of the brawl between Keselowski and Jeff Gordon after last year’s race. The commentators are constantly talking about how “There might be payback here!” whenever two drivers who’ve had a problem in the past are anywhere near each other in a race.

Then someone really goes and delivers some payback on the track, and the commentators are the first ones to condemn it, followed by NASCAR management. It was a “classless” move, and we’re not mad, we’re just super disappointed in you, Matt Kenseth.

Screw that. This is a sport. It’s entertainment. The only people who are truly pissed at Kenseth are Logano fans. Which I totally get — had someone intentionally dumped Bobby Labonte like that while he was racing for the championship, I’d have probably burned an effigy. In fact, I held a huge grudge against Kenseth for a very long time after he accidentally took out Bobby in a race when Kenseth was just starting out in the late ’90s. I think it might have even been an inconsequential Busch race, but that didn’t matter to me — he wrecked my driver!

I did think it was funny when retired 1999 champion Dale Jarrett, now a commentator for NBC, said Kenseth should’ve settled the score off the track. Jarrett is 6’5″, and most of the NASCAR drivers are little dudes. Really makes me wonder how many other drivers he jacked up when he was driving haha. He always seemed so nice. I’d be afraid of him of he were mad at me!

Anyway, Logano was obviously a bit distraught after he was wrecked while leading:



While Kenseth delivered a masterful performance of trying to convince everyone that gee, my car just wouldn’t turn and I really hate it that I ran into Joey like that, situations like these really stink!

Deal with it.

Deal with it.

In his interview, Kenseth mentioned Kansas and he mentioned Keselowski causing that accident that wrecked his car before offering some lame excuse about a right front tire going down at the very moment Logano tried to pass him. He was pretty much saying “This is why I did it” without outright admitting he did it on purpose. No one is buying it, but I guess he had to establish some kind of defense before meeting with NASCAR, who will most likely penalize him. They won’t announce any penalties until tomorrow.

Even if they do penalize Kenseth, he was already out of the Chase and, the way the playoff rounds are set up now, he might have just put Logano out of it too (Logano is now basically in a must-win situation in the next two weeks if he wants to make it to the final round in Homestead-Miami.) I bet Kenseth sleeps pretty well, probably with a permanent smug little grin on his face.

BUT! That wasn’t even what everyone was talking about when the race finally ended!

So, with Logano, Kenseth and Keselowski out of the race, the lead fell to… Jeff Gordon! Jeff Gordon, in his final year of competing in NASCAR, who hasn’t won a race all season and is still in the Chase, but would really like to guarantee his spot in the final four going for the championship in Miami in three weeks by winning one of the races in this round.

However, when Gordon and most of the other leaders pitted during the caution with 40 laps to go, Denny Hamlin and AJ Allmendinger stayed out, and started first and second.

Gordon eventually got around Hamlin and Allmendinger, but then Jamie McMurray started closing the gap from second place behind Gordon. There was a final caution with about six laps to go, which meant they got a restart — and McMurray got a chance to take the win — with two laps to go.

Well, Gordon held him off and WON! His ninth win at Martinsville and his 93rd in NASCAR’s top series, but you’d have thought he was a rookie celebrating Win No. 1.

gordon salutes crowd

Victory jig haha.

Victory jig haha.



Cry it out, man.

Cry it out, man.

It was a very special win. The fans went crazy for the second time, and most of them stayed long after the race ended to crowd the stands on the front stretch across from Victory Lane and keep chanting Gordon’s name. He’s going to Homestead-Miami with a one in four chance of winning his fifth championship in his final year.

Yes, we’re already looking at flights and hotel prices in the Homestead area for the weekend of Nov. 21 and 22.

I still can’t believe how much I’m pulling for him to win this championship. He won a couple of the Martinsville races I went to back when I hated him, and it made me so mad. Yesterday I could barely stand to watch that final restart, I wanted him to win so bad, and when he did, I was dancing around the living room.

Makes me wonder if I’m going to feel the same about Jimmie stupid Johnson when he retires. Nah!

The TV interviews were great. He was whooping and hollering like the old days, Then his wife and two kids showed up and he got all choked up again. After his last interview with the post-race show, he said, “Alright, I’m gonna go cry now, thanks!”

Dude, we all know why you didn’t take off your helmet for like an hour after the race ended haha. No shame in caring enough to cry though! I thought it was sweet. That win yesterday really meant the world to him.

So anyway, OBX is next weekend. I have a grand total of about 10 miles on the schedule this week, which begins with an easy 3-miler and strength training today.


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