A Simple Running Log

September 29, 2015

Training for 9/29/15

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Yesterday, I took Pepper for an easy lap around the 4.5-mile loop. It was surprisingly warm! Why is it still 85 degrees in the middle of the day at the end of September?

Pepper, sadly, was not invited to the Mug Club party at Dogfish Head last night, even though he was appropriately dressed for it:

pepper collar

Clark and I went without him. It was a pretty nice little luau-themed party for everyone who joined their new Mug Club late last year. There was a huge buffet with tropical fruit; a salad with arugula, goat cheese, mangos and macadamia nuts; black beans and rice; fried plantains; skirt steak with peppers and onions; jerk chicken; several whole roasted pigs; and chocolate cheesecake and key lime pie for dessert. We also got to drink all the free beer we wanted — Punkin Ale, 60 Minute IPA, Choc Lobster, a new one called Dash O’Citra, Mojito Vice, Palo Ahumado, 120 Minute IPA and Festina Lente. I liked everything but the Festina Lente.

clark mug club

me mug club

We even got lei’d… hardy har har.

Anyway, today I just took Pepper out for another short easy run, this time around the 5.5-mile loop. It was another rather warm and windy day, but a perfectly fine run.


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