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September 8, 2015

Training for 9/8/15

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Saturday morning, TK got to my house at 6 and we drove to Rehoboth, for the Last Blast Prediction 5K.

When I picked up my bib, I put down 22:52 for my predicted time, a few seconds slower than the last 5K I ran on Fourth of July weekend, on the exact same course. Usually I take this prediction race easy, but for some reason this year I decided to try to run it as hard as a race.

I did an easy mile to warm up. It was a pretty nice day, not too hot yet, but humid, as usual. Around 7:30, I lined up with everyone else at the start. The Seashore Striders’ race director thanked everyone for another great summer series, and with that, the horn sounded and we were off.

At the start.

At the start.

I started picking people off and settled into what felt like a comfortably hard 5K pace. It felt weird not to have my watch! I don’t normally check current pace on it, but when I passed where I knew the mile markers should have been, I tried to check the tan line on my wrist for my split every time.

There’s not much to say about the race. I ran with the same people pretty much the whole time, so I felt like I was maintaining my pace. That or we were all just slowing down together. Who knew!

last blast finish

Coming to the finish line.

I look like someone wrote something really offensive on the ground there, like “Go Jimmie Johnson!” or “Florida Georgia Line doesn’t make me want to rip off my own ears.”

The race clock said 16:55 when I crossed the line. That is definitely the only time I’ll see that time on a 5K finish line clock.

I felt OK about my race when I was done, like maybe I had a shot at landing in the top 20 closest predicted times for the first time in six tries.

I set out to run a cool down mile. Just as I was leaving the park where the race finished, a guy who I assume had been running behind me told me I’d run a really good race and I looked strong and in control the whole way. That is a good compliment! I told him I really appreciated that.

When they posted results, I found out I’d run 23:28 — not only had I clearly not been pushing as hard as I’d thought, I was 36 seconds off my prediction and most likely not even close to the top 20. Failed again! I was, however, the third woman of 81 to finish, and 24th overall of 161 total finishers.

When they announced the top 20 closest times, it turned out 20th place was only 8.55 seconds off her prediction. I later found out I was 64th closest! First and second were both less than a tenth of a second off their predictions. I don’t know how people do that.

Anyway, then they handed out all the series awards. TK and I both placed in the F 30-34 age group. Since I won it, I got a gift certificate for a 1-lb. box of salt water taffy from Snyder’s Candy in downtown Rehoboth.

2015 F 30-34 winners

TK and I both had no reason to hurry home after the race, so we went to Cape Henlopen State Park to hang out on the beach, hoping it wouldn’t be quite as packed as Rehoboth. It wasn’t too bad when we got there, but the beach quickly filled up.

The ocean was incredibly rough that day, very choppy, and the waves were crashing right at the shore. We’d been there about an hour and a half when I really had to pee. I didn’t feel like walking all the way to the bathhouse, so I tried to wade out into the ocean far enough to take care of it there. I was out there for 15 minutes, getting thrashed by all these huge waves, and I never even got to pee! I finally had to walk to the bathhouse to pee after all — and then get in a shower to rinse out all of the sand caked into my swimsuit.

About 15 minutes after I got back, some idiot kid right next to us on the beach started feeding the seagulls, which of course immediately attracted 9,000 of them. That was the last straw. We’d had enough, so we packed up our crap and went to downtown Lewes for lunch.

We had a really good lunch at this restaurant called Kindle, and then walked around the downtown area for a bit. When I got home, Clark was spending his first day of the long weekend working on a test to get some kind of certification for work. Fun! That evening, we took Pepper to the Denton pub for dinner. Eventually a few of our friends who’d been at a wedding joined us. It was after 1 a.m. when we got home.

Sunday morning, I got up around 7:30 to run. Clark had made plans the day before to meet his coworker, the one who owns a boat, at the dock in West Ocean City around 11, to go bar-hopping on the boat. So I figured I only had time for a short run instead of the 14-miler I’d planned.

I didn’t take any water with me because I left the house just expecting to do the 4.5-mile loop. But it was such a perfect morning, I stretched it out to the 7.3-mile loop instead. I kinda wished I had some water in the final mile and a half or so, but other than that, it was a very pleasant run.

We got to the dock right behind the truck hauling the boat — perfect timing for once. It was another great day at the beach. Bar-hopping would’ve gone great except for one thing: Clark’s coworker left his wallet, and therefore his ID, at home. D’oh! The first bar we stopped at, M.R. Ducks, took pity on him and let him have a Bud Light anyway, but the next bar, Fish Tales, wouldn’t budge.

There was plenty of beer in the cooler on the boat, so we decided to forget the bars and just beach the boat on Assateague.

ocean city

It was a very busy day on the bay.

Boats lined up along Assateague Island.

Boats lined up along Assateague Island.

I didn’t know this until someone posted a link to an article on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, but Assateague and Ocean City used to be connected, until a huge hurricane on Aug. 22, 1933, created the inlet. You can see in this picture that Assateague is nothing but scrub brush, while Ocean City, in the background, on the other side of the inlet, is all hotels. There are still people alive who remember when Ocean City was just as empty, which is really hard to imagine now. It’s been a giant tourist trap since I’ve been alive.

We anchored the boat and hung out at Assateague until Clark and I had to leave to get home to take care of Pepper. We got home late, but he hadn’t pooped in the house yet! Such a good boy. We were supposed to go to Mike’s house that night to watch the NASCAR race, but when we laid down before getting in the shower, we both fell asleep and didn’t wake up again until it was too late. We felt pretty bad about that.

Monday, other than helping Clark with the laundry, I didn’t do anything all day, and it was glorious. He went to play a round of golf in the afternoon, while Pepper and I just lounged about the house. I thought about going for a short run later in the day, but it was almost 90 degrees in the afternoon. Screw that.

This morning, I got up early to get in a run first thing, because I had a meeting this morning and another this evening. It was another beautiful late summer morning for a run. I did an easy lap around the 5.5-mile loop.

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