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August 25, 2015

Training for 8/25/15

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Well don’t look now, but I think I might actually be properly training for a marathon again. Saturday, I did something I haven’t done since Dec. 2012 — I ran a 16-mile solo training run. 16.3 miles to be exact! It’s been a long time since I ran more than 10 miles when there wasn’t a finisher’s medal waiting at the end.

It wasn’t perfect. I still have a tendency to procrastinate, and then try to talk myself out of the scheduled distance by telling myself a shorter distance will suffice. Saturday, I didn’t leave the house until almost 10 a.m., and pretty much the whole way, I had to force myself past every turn that would have gotten me home quicker.

I just kept telling myself not to worry about pace — I took walk breaks whenever I wanted — and to concentrate on getting in the miles and the time on my feet. Whenever I’d think about how loooooong it was going to take, I reminded myself the time was going to pass one way or another, so I might as well make use of it.

And it worked! Mentally, I got a little bored by the last four miles or so, but physically, I felt fine the whole way, better than I did after the 10.5-mile run a week earlier. It took me a bit over 2.5 hours to finish, an average pace somewhere around 9:30/mile. I never even had to use the bathroom, even though I’d drank beer and had a fried clam strip po’ boy for dinner the night before!

The weather definitely helped. I really couldn’t complain about being too hot, and it was only something like 50 percent humidity, so just about ideal.

I was a little proud of myself. It’s been a year now since I last dealt with an injury, so maybe I’m finally over worrying about causing another one by actually training for races.

That evening, we went to my sister’s house to celebrate my nephews’ birthdays, and we got home in time to see the end of the Bristol race.

Sunday, I had an 8-miler on the schedule. I thought about switching it with Monday’s 3-miler, but we were planning to stay at the beach house Sunday night to go surfing Monday, and I knew I’d rather only have to do a few miles at the beach instead of a middle-distance run. Once again, I told myself walk breaks were OK, just get in the miles.

The first mile was creaky! I was starting to think I was going to have to walk the last seven miles. But then things loosened up, and I wound up running every step of the 8.3-mile loop.

I ran almost 25 miles in two runs on back-to-back days! Seriously, the last time I put in that kind of mileage was the winter I was training for Shamrock 2013. It feels great! Now I just have to keep this train rolling.

Sunday afternoon, we went to the beach. We took Pepper to a new brewpub on 45th St. in Ocean City, Assawoman Bay Brewing Co. The view of the namesake bay was beautiful, and the beers were good too.

Monday morning, Clark’s mom left the beach house early to go to work, and she took Pepper with her, to drop him off at our house for the day, so we didn’t have to take him to the beach with us. Yeah, he hates being alone, but he also hates the beach, so he was kinda screwed either way.

Clark and I had intended to get up early enough Monday morning to get in that 3-miler first thing (he’s training for the Dogfish Dash), but we didn’t. Instead, we loaded up the Jeep. Then we were met at the beach house by a college kid who interned for Clark’s company this summer, and his girlfriend. They recently bought a surfboard and are trying to learn to surf. We put that one on the Jeep too, and Clark, his dad, the college kids and I all rode down to the Indian River Inlet.

It was a pretty sweet day, both for surfing and for just sitting on the beach and soaking up the sun. There were a lot of surfers out in the water at Indian River. I took out my paddleboard and stayed out of their way, out past the breakers.

Later in the morning, Clark’s dad had to leave to go to work too, so we all drove back to the beach house. After we’d dropped him off, we got some tacos for lunch and then drove to Assateague.

It didn’t take long to get to the beach, since we didn’t get stuck behind a single moron stopped in the road to take pictures of wild ponies, and when we got there, we could actually park in the parking lot for the first time in weeks. Good riddance, tourists!

It was quite a bit choppier at Assateague. I didn’t bother with my paddleboard; I just took out the longer surfboard. I was able to paddle out, but that was about it.

We had to leave around 3, to unload the Jeep at the beach house and then drive home in time to feed Pepper his dinner. We were a little late getting home, and Pepper had already taken a dump in the utility room. Oh well.

Later in the evening, Clark and I really did run that 3-miler we hadn’t done in the morning. It was right around sunset when we left the house, with Pepper of course.

The farmers had started harvesting some of the cornfields yesterday (my bathroom! Noooo!) and the bugs were out in force last night. Right after we made the turnaround to come home halfway through the run, I got a huge gnat in my left eye. Clark was able to pick it out for me, but my eye watered pretty much the rest of the way home. That one stung!

Then, right as we were about to turn back onto our own lane, steps from the end of the run, Pepper puked up his dinner from two hours earlier. So hardcore! I stayed outside with him for a while in case he had to puke again, but he was fine. I’m not sure he was even aware it happened haha.

And that was the last few days of real live marathon training. Today, I’m just doing an easy lap around the 4.5-mile loop.


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