A Simple Running Log

August 5, 2015

Training for 8/5/15

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I’ve been pretty lazy the last couple of days! I did not run Monday evening or at all yesterday. Today, however, I finally got my butt back on the road.

Clark went surfing yesterday afternoon and stayed at the beach house last night so he could go again this morning. I had a meeting at which I had to be physically present to cover last night or I’d have gone too.

Since I was home alone with Pepper this morning, I decided he was going with me for a run, whether he liked it or not, thanks to his little poop-in-the-floor trick when left behind. Today is another hot, nasty day, so I really was planning on leaving for that run as early as possible, right after he ate his breakfast.

Well, then I checked the weather, and saw the humidity was at 98 percent. I could either go then, when it was slightly cooler but impossible to breathe, or wait until a little later, when the humidity had gone down but the temperature had risen.

I went with option B. We left the house around 9:30. It was hot but bearable. We did a lap around the 4.5-mile loop that actually wasn’t too bad. When I got home, I looked at the weather again. The humidity had fallen all the way to a mere 75 percent. That I can deal with.

I also did some strength training after the run.


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