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July 31, 2015

Training for 7/31/15

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Yesterday, I had a hill repeat workout on the schedule. I forced myself to not procrastinate and leave the house as soon as possible, because it was only getting hotter by the minute.

I rode my bike out to the Sharptown bridge and was already soaked in sweat by the time I was stowing the bike away in the woods. I did an easy mile to warm up, and then ran four repeats up and over the bridge.

It was pretty bad. I had to walk a few times. It’s just so freaking humid! I feel like I can’t catch my breath.

Anyway, I got them all done and I even made myself do the cool down mile after. Then I had a nice 5-mile pedal back to the house.

Fridays are technically rest days on this marathon training schedule. I really didn’t need to take it, considering I’d skipped Sunday and Monday earlier this week, but damn all my runs have felt like crap this week because of this weather, so I took it anyway. I just did some strength training in the house.

And that rounded out July, so it’s time for a monthly summary.


  • Week 1 (July 1-4): 14.1 miles
  • Week 2 (July 5-11): 19.6
  • Week 3 (July 12-18): 26.5
  • Week 4 (July 19-25): 42.5
  • Week 5 (July 26-31): 17

Total: 119.7 miles

Meh. I did a lot of slacking again this month! Though technically I only missed the first of the three long runs of marathon training, so that’s a plus.

As far as racing went, I finished qualifying for the summer series with my fastest 5K of the summer, and I ran that 25K trail race.

Looking ahead to August, I don’t currently have any races, but I have a lot more miles on the training plan, starting with a 13-miler this weekend. I really need to make myself stick to these things.


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