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July 29, 2015

Training for 7/29/15

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Today is a very sad day. My parents have to put down their 12-year-old Siberian husky, Bandit.


My dad wanted a husky after watching “Snow Dogs” approximately 2,000 times with my then 9-year-old sister. Bandit was born in Jan. 2003 and came home eight weeks later.

The first time I met him was in my parents’ kitchen. I’d just gotten home from one of my first weeks of active duty on Dover Air Force Base. He was a high-energy fuzz ball, chasing my sister’s cat, which was bigger than Bandit at the time. To this day, Bandit is still the cutest puppy I have ever seen in my life. He looked like a toy!

With my little sister on a trampoline, spring 2003.

With my little sister on a trampoline, spring 2003.

Bandit was a really well-behaved puppy — he never tore up our stuff and was quickly house-trained — except for one thing. He loved to chew on us. He’d come flying out of nowhere with his pointy little puppy teeth and latch on to an ankle or a calf, whatever looked appealing. We called him Land Shark, the husky who loved with his teeth.

He was even adorable when he was trying to maim my hand.

He was even adorable when he was trying to maim my hand.

Eventually he outgrew that phase. As an adult dog, Bandit was always happy to see us, but it really didn’t bother him if he didn’t see us all day. He’d go off on adventures, to the woods to get a fresh dead chicken, to my aunt’s house to harass her dog, or, for a while, to a neighbor’s house to eat cigarette butts. (Bandit loved cigarette butts and beer.) Eventually he’d come home.


Bandit was my first running buddy. Well, he never really ran with me; he wouldn’t let me near him with a leash. Instead, he’d follow me down the lane and toward the end of Schulke Road. Along the way, he’d either stop off in a neighbor’s yard to see their dog, or, if he made it all the way to the end of Schulke, he’d go up the air strip to my aunt’s house. Bandit rarely returned from my runs with me.


Bandit loved winter. When we got snow, he’d lay out in it all day and even all night, like he was a sunbather on a summer day at the beach. This time of year, he could usually be found laid out on the kitchen floor right in the stream of cold air coming from the window unit.

The only time I ever saw Bandit genuinely mad at us -- when Mom got him shaved for the summer and he knew how stupid he looked.

The only time I ever saw Bandit genuinely mad at us — when Mom got him shaved for the summer and he knew how stupid he looked. She never did that to him again.

Even after I moved out of my parents’ house for good, I considered Bandit “my” dog, until we got Pepper. And even after that, I was always so happy to see Fuzz Face strolling nonchalantly out to my car to greet me anytime I stopped by.


Today, I went to see Bandit one last time. We’re not sure exactly what’s wrong with him, but he’s clearly in pain. He whines all the time like he can’t get comfortable and he can’t put any weight on his left front leg. The vet said it might be severe arthritis or it might be cancer.

Either way, you can see in Bandit’s eyes he’s not having fun anymore. My dad said he’d hoped Bandit would make it to see another snow, but Bandit wants to go.

He still looked happy to see me today. He laid his head on my lap and even did a half-hearted growl for me when I gave him a hug goodbye.

The last place I saw him was right back in my parents’ kitchen.

I’m going to miss him. He was such a good dog. I hope there’s plenty of snow where he’s going.


Anyway… I’ve done a couple of crappy runs since I last posted. It’s gotten very hot and humid here again, so they’ve all been junk miles. Yesterday I did 4.5, and today I did a lap around the 8.3-mile loop.


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  1. So sorry to hear this Abby! 😦

    Comment by Laura a — July 29, 2015 @ 9:52 pm | Reply

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