A Simple Running Log

July 10, 2015

Training for 7/10/15

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I didn’t have such a great experience donating blood yesterday. Usually, as long as I don’t look at the needle in my arm, I’m totally fine, and except for the very first time I tried to donate in high school, the techs never have a hard time finding a suitable vein. I’m also usually able to fill up the whole bag pretty quick.

Something was off yesterday though. Maybe I was dehydrated a bit? The techs were so concerned about my “small” veins in the arm I always use they asked if it usually takes me a long time to fill the bag, or if I can even give a full donation. One tech didn’t even want to try to put the needle in my arm, she was so convinced my veins were un-stickable, so I had to wait for another one.

When the new tech got the needle in (on the first try, thankfully), it felt weird; usually I can’t feel it once it’s in, but yesterday, every time I squeezed the little stress ball they give you to speed the flow along, I could feel the needle. And it took foreeeevvvvvveeeeerrrr to fill that bag.

Finally, they’d gotten a full pint out of me. The needle came out fine, I never caught a glimpse of it and thought I was good to go. Until the tech was about to let me up out of the chair and I said “I don’t think I should stand yet… my head feels funny.” I didn’t pass out, but I got really dizzy and light-headed for a few minutes. She tipped back my chair so my feet were elevated, put ice packs on the back of my neck and chest and gave me a ginger ale. About five minutes later, I was OK.

I spent the required 15 minutes in the “canteen,” eating free cookies and commiserating with a woman who’d puked for the first time ever after donating, and then drove home. My arm was super sore the rest of the day. It was just a weird experience.

Today, it feels better. I didn’t try to run, just did some strength training downstairs.

Tomorrow, I’m going with my mom, sister and my sister’s friend to see a Cirque de Soleil show in Baltimore. Before we go, I’ll try to get in a short run. Sunday’s attempted run length will depend on how tomorrow’s goes.


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