A Simple Running Log

June 30, 2015

Training for 6/30/15

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Today, I took Pepper to the trail for a short run. This was the look I got when I stood up from the couch:

“I really must ask you to reconsider what you’re doing.”

I took him anyway. He didn’t seem too into it. We did a very leisurely lap around the 3-mile route.

And with that, June is over, so it’s time for my monthly summary.


  • Week 1 (June 1-6): 20.3 miles
  • Week 2 (June 7-13): 11
  • Week 3 (June 14-20): 22.5
  • Week 4 (June 21-27): 31.2
  • Week 5 (June 28-30): 10.3

Total: 95.3 miles

This was the first month this year I didn’t break into the triple digits, but, considering that entire week where I only ran 11 miles, I can’t be too surprised. On the bright side though, that puts me at 732 miles for the first half of the year, which means if I only run that many again in the second half, I’ll run about 250 more than last year, which would be the first time since 2011 that I ran more miles than the year before.

It was also a pretty down month for racing! I ran three 5Ks, ranging from 24:32 (one second slower than my first 5K ever in 2004) to 23:01. At least my times are moving in the right direction.

In July, I have one final 5K to qualify for the summer series, this coming Saturday, and then OBX Marathon training starts two days later. Hopefully, being on a real live marathon training plan, I won’t have any more 11-mile weeks.


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