A Simple Running Log

June 26, 2015

Training for 6/26/15

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I’ve done a little running since I last posted. Yesterday, I did a lap around the 6.5-mile loop first thing in the morning, when it was actually a teensy bit chilly, for the first quarter-mile or so. It was a really good run, one of the most enjoyable I’ve had in a while!

And today, I took Pepper out for a leisurely lap around the 4.5-mile loop. We hadn’t gone very far down the road when he got really interested in this one lone tree growing next to a field. He wasn’t sniffing it though, he was just staring at something. I got fed up waiting on him so I yanked his leash. When he moved, so did the thing he was staring at — a huge groundhog, right there in the middle of the tree. He’d probably gotten nose-to-nose with that thing! The rest of the run was pretty routine.

Tomorrow morning is this year’s Jungle Jim’s 5K Splash, the one where we get to play in the water park afterwards. Naturally, it’s supposed to rain all day tomorrow. The one time I’d like a hot, sunny day for a 5K, and it’s going to rain! Oh well.

Sunday, I’m planning to run something, and we might go surfing.


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