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June 23, 2015

Training for 6/23/15

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I have been waiting for today for a very long time! Look what I got this morning:

dark before dawn

This is Breaking Benjamin’s fifth album, and their first since 2009. A year after the last one was released, the band went through some drama — the lead singer, who was already dealing with health issues, sued two of the band’s other three members over some boring contract stuff — and for a long time it looked like Breaking Benjamin was done for good. But then, in 2013, there was a small sign of life on the band’s Facebook page, which had not been updated in three years:

cover photo

I remember that day! It was huge! I wasn’t the only one who almost choked on her own excitement either, judging by the nearly 800 comments on a simple cover photo:


Since then, the legal crap was resolved, the lead singer found some new bandmates and started touring, writing and recording again, and today, a little more than two years after that stupid cover photo appeared on my Facebook news feed like a mystical double rainbow, it’s here! Their first studio album in six years.

Last night, Clark jokingly asked me if I was going to buy the CD at Sam Goody, which is now a Shoe Dept. in the Salisbury mall, and I realized I had no idea where to even buy CDs anymore! I can’t remember the last one I bought.

I thought I remembered seeing a few in Walmart, so, after I dropped off Clark at work this morning (he left all his vehicles’ keys at the beach house yesterday), I went to Seaford to check. At first it looked like I’d struck out, but then I noticed some boxes with “time sensitive material” on the side, full of stock waiting to be unpacked. Since it was 9 a.m. the day the album was to be released, I thought maybe they just hadn’t gotten it on the racks yet. I was right!

I’ve listened to this album straight through at least four times now, and I’ll just say it was worth the wait. Anyone who liked any of Breaking Benjamin’s earlier music is going to love this album too. The only thing that would make me happier right now is if Bobby Labonte finally won another race. After listening to this awesome album I thought would never exist, I think I believe that can happen again too! Life is beautiful! Everything is possible!

Anyway, enough about that. Back to what I normally ramble about here — running.

I ran the third of five 5Ks in the summer series this weekend. I’m still slow, but I’m not as slow as I was! Maybe I’m starting to make my way back.

Saturday, I just did an easy 3-miler here at home. Unfortunately, I waited until about 12:30 p.m. to leave the house, and it was sweltering outside. It was not a very easy run at all. When I got back, I put some air in my bike’s tires and rode it around the 4.5-mile loop, for the first time since last summer, probably.

Clark and I went to the beach house that evening. I was relaxing on a lounge chair on the porch, until Pepper decided he wanted two thirds of it:

pepper and me beach porch

Sure, Pepper, climb on up! I’ll just fold myself up here.

The most exciting part of my evening was when Clark left in my car to pick up a carry out order, and I heard a ton of fire and police sirens about 15 minutes later, so I sent him a half-joking message asking if those were for him. He sent back a message that said “I’m OK but your car isn’t. I’ll call you when I get everything straightened out.” Then he waited an inordinately long time before sending this response to my panicked “WHAT???”: “I’m talking to a bunch of cops right now.” And then, FINALLY, I got the “punchline”: “Just kidding!” He really sold it! I admit he got me pretty good there.

Clark and my car came back in one piece after all, we ate our dinner and then I tried to get some sleep, since I had the Father’s Day 5K first thing the next morning.

I didn’t sleep that great. The torrential downpours and thunder and lightning of Tropical Storm Bill passing through woke me up around 2 a.m. and I just tossed and turned for the next four hours until the alarm went off.

The thunderstorms had moved on, but it was still raining a bit when I left the house in Fenwick just before 6:30. Personally, I was hoping it would keep raining right up through the race, which started at 7:30 in Rehoboth. Since it was going to be 100 percent humidity as usual, the rain would feel good.

After I got my race bib and T-shirt, I did an easy mile along the boardwalk to warm up. The rain had stopped, but the humidity was still there. I was already soaked in my own sweat at the end of that 9:03 warm up mile. Another perfect summer day to race a 5K!

There was a pretty healthy turnout for this race. Almost 400 people finished it. Here’s the starting crowd, just off the boardwalk:

fathers day 5k crowd at start

The dude right in the center on the starting line, in the blue shirt and shorts and bright green shoes, is Michael Wardian, joining us for a little road race again, which he won, in 15:59.

Nowhere close to the front in this picture is me. While I was hoping to do better than the 24:32 I ran the weekend before, I knew I had no business starting in the first few rows.

We got the start commands and took off. Either I way underestimated myself, or a lot of people in front of me way overestimated themselves, because I was super boxed-in and getting held up by much slower runners right from the start. It was a little frustrating!

I never really broke free of everyone slower until we got into a little neighborhood, near the end of the first mile. When I passed the first mile marker, the Garmin showed 7:32, 20 seconds slower than my first mile last week.

That was annoying, but I hoped the slower start would help me not completely die in the last mile. The second mile was unremarkable. I ran it in 7:42, faster than my second mile last week and not far off the first mile.

Still, I felt pretty worn out as I started the third and final mile. Unlike last week though, when I stopped to walk three times before the finish, I was able to make myself keep running the whole way. The third mile was 7:36.

fathers day 5k coming to finish

Since I managed to run the whole way, I took about a minute off my time from last week, crossing the line in 23:35. Which is good, but as you can see, I was still annoyed with myself for running this race two minutes slower than last year:

fathers day 5k after finish

Womp womp haha.

I did another slow easy mile to cool down, to bring the day’s total to 5.1 miles, and then I waited for TK to finish. By that time, the damn rain had come back! Where was that when we were running?

Before I forget, when I was looking through all these finish pictures after the race, I found this one:

fathers day 5k finish punch

I’m pretty sure Enos is stopping this guy, who just ran an 18-minute 5K and probably came across the finish line with a big head of steam, so he can tear off the tag on the bottom of his race bib, and not punching him right in the stomach, but the picture makes me laugh anyway.

The post-race party was at this bar and grill called Zogg’s. It was pouring again by the time they did the awards. Everyone was trying to squeeze in under the roofed part, but it didn’t work very well. I was a little wet again by the time I was called up to accept my first place age group award.

father's day 5k ag award

Once again, no one faster showed up Sunday, and I’m now 4-for-4 on age group wins. Two more 5Ks to go!

By the time TK and I got iced coffees at Dunkin’ Donuts, that last rain shower had moved on and the sky was clearing. We both changed into dry clothes in a public bathroom. She left Rehoboth to head home, but I just moved my car to the Dogfish Head parking lot, where I met Clark and his dad for their Father’s Day brunch.

Brunch was really good. I had eggs Benedict with braised short rib instead of the usual ham, and they had some special beers and beer cocktails. There was even a Randall bar, which allowed you to run any on-tap beer through a Randall Jr. with either hops, coffee beans, oranges or granola. I had Indian Brown Ale run through coffee beans, and when we left, I finally bought Clark the Randall Jr. I meant to buy him for his birthday… in January. Better late than never, right?

Clark and his dad after brunch.

Clark and his dad after brunch.

Those two went back to Fenwick, and I went home. After a nap, I took a shower and went to see my own dad. My grandparents were there too. My dad was showing off the 2008 Ford F-150 he just bought. It’s in really good shape and looks practically brand new. Ever since I can remember, my dad has just driven around in old Fords, first the 1970 Torino he bought for $500 before I was born (“The best $500 I ever spent — did I ever tell you Bill Elliott once tried to buy it from me?”) and then the 1994 Aerostar they’d bought brand new for my mom but didn’t trade when she bought a new car because they weren’t offered much money for it.

That Aerostar, which we nicknamed the Boomstar back when my mom was still driving it, has 340,000 miles on it and is about to fall apart completely where the rust has taken over on the driver’s side. My dad has this little route he drives every day, to see what’s going on. He always says he’s doing “this and that.” My younger sister said yesterday it was weird to see Dad driving something so not creepy. Which made me laugh, but she’s right! That’s the perfect word for that van. It’s creepy, especially if it slowly passed my house for no apparent reason at about the same time every day haha.

The old ride.

The old ride. This is its good side.

The new ride.

The new ride.

After I left my parents’, I went back to the beach house. The surf report looked good for Monday, so Clark wanted to go surfing in the morning. His dad stayed in Fenwick so he could go too.

The next morning, we loaded up the Jeep with three surfboards and my paddleboard and went to Indian River. The surf report wasn’t entirely accurate, unfortunately. Clark and his dad were able to catch a couple waves each, but it wasn’t that great. I just paddled around on my paddleboard when I wasn’t sitting on the beach with Pepper.

Clark and I took Pepper to Macky’s in Ocean City for lunch, and then we all went home, because I had some last-minute work to finish up for this week’s paper, as usual.

Last night, we took Pepper to Abbott’s Grill for dinner. I stopped to use the bathroom on the way out, so Pepper and Clark were already in the car when I came out.

“Get in, loser! We’re going to 3rd Wave!”

If only Pepper really could drive! He’d be a great DD because he doesn’t like beer.

We wanted to go to 3rd Wave to try their new beer brewed with cherries and chipotle peppers. On the way out of Laurel, we saw this, and had to take a picture to send to my brother, who works with my dad and uncle on the farm. Every time he asks my dad to do something with him, my dad skates out of it by saying he has to go do “this and that.”

country store

If there was a way to get someone personalized plates for their vehicle without them knowing about it, Dave and I have talked about getting Dad plates for the van (now truck) that say THSNTHT haha.

Next stop was 3rd Wave, where the chipotle beer was a little… busy. There was just a lot going on in it! Then we drove to Cheers, where Bell’s, out of Michigan, is finally on the shelves. They just started distributing to Maryland and Delaware recently. I got a six-pack of Oberon.

The last stop of the night was Coldstone. Every time I go in there, I think I’m going to try something new, but I always wind up with Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip. And it never disappoints!

This morning, I knew it was supposed to hit almost 100 today before the humidity was factored in, so as soon as Clark got up to shower for work, I went out for a run. I was only planning on the 5.5-mile loop, but I took my 22-oz. water bottle with me, and boy was I glad I did. It was already super hot.

By the time I finished the loop, I’d almost drank the entire bottle, and when I went to rinse out and hang up my running clothes to dry out, I was able to wring out an impressive amount of sweat from my bra.

But the run didn’t totally suck! I’m definitely getting a little more acclimated to this crap with every run.

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