A Simple Running Log

June 3, 2015

Training for 6/3/15

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Greetings from Phoenix! Well, the airport anyway. Clark is stuck in San Diego until at least tomorrow, and he was already scheduled to fly to Phoenix next Monday to take a contractor license test for work, so it didn’t make sense for him to fly across the country and back again. So I took some time off yesterday, booked a couple of flights and am now on my way to meet him in San Diego. (There were no direct flights left 24 hours before I wanted to fly out, which is why I’m in the Phoenix airport at the moment.) We’ll be there for the next couple of days, drive to Phoenix sometime this weekend and then I’ll fly back to Baltimore early Tuesday morning. And then next Friday, finally, Clark will get to come home too.

Anyway… before I left today, I did some strength training upstairs and then took Pepper for an easy 3-miler in the blowing rain. He’s too smart for his own good. I hadn’t done anything out of my ordinary routine this morning, and this was the look he was giving me before I was even done drinking my coffee before I went upstairs:

"You're leaving me, I KNOW IT."

“You’re leaving me, I KNOW IT.”

I was really glad I did make him run in the rain with me; he took a big dump about a quarter-mile into it, which would have been waiting in the floor for whichever one of Clark’s parents picked him up after work this evening.

I’ll be back next week!


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